Reflections In Cosmo by Reflections In Cosmo

Release date: January 27, 2017
Label: RareNoiseRecords

Whenever RareNoiseRecords releases something that would make my eye brow go up for the right moment at the right time, I know it is right around the corner. One of the releases this year is a cross between Free-Jazz, Space Rock, and Avant-Garde music mixed into this gigantic blender, it’s an electronic/experimental mind-boggling journey that has taken me to a higher level. That and Reflections in Cosmo’s sole self-titled debut release this year is for me one of those albums that will take you beyond the outer limits of infinite space and time.

Initiated by Humcrush musicians Thomas Stronen on Drums and Stale Storlokken on Keyboards. They’ve released albums on the Rune Grammofon label from since they launched back in 2004. However they wanted to take their music by expanding the sound into unbelievable results. The album was recorded at Ora Studio in Tronheim, Norway in June of 2014 for three days and mixed at Duper Studio in Bergen, Norway for three days in August of 2015.

It’s for me, one of the most intense releases that I bought and landed right on my kneecap from start to finish. And with Motorpsycho guitarist Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan and Saxophonist Kjetil Moster, they lend Stronen and Storlokken a helping hand. From the moment you hear ‘Ironhorse’, you can imagine a futuristic film-noir movie inside your head.

With Magnus mysterious riffs and Moster’s soprano sax going into a blaring yet alarming noise, Stale’s keyboards go into these uncharted areas and letting the listener know that evil lies behind those doors of a murder case that is going to be a challenge and gigantic difficult scenario that the detectives are about to go through. With these ambient, eerie, and ominous tones that sets up the intensity level of raising up a notch, it is almost as if the quartet were doing the score for Alan Moore’s controversial 1988 graphic novel, “Batman: The Killing Joke”. But the music is this cross between Elephant9 and Hawkwind.

‘Perpetuum Immobile’ gives Magnus’ guitar a shrieking sound in some of the brief moments before the rising organ and fuzz sounding roars on the electric Rhodes while Moster’s sax is like roaring beast that is giving you terrifying nightmares to attack you in your sleep as Stronen’s drums have these clicking-clacking patterns that almost sound like a steampunk tank ready to not only go through the bumpy rides, but ready to attack.

The opener ‘Cosmosis’ begins with a crescendo Coltrane-sque introduction of the quartet going into in which I call it a “Haywire Mode”. What that means that the instruments go all around this circled room and going into a chaotic effect. It’s a killer introduction to start the album off and you can hear these mind-blowing rhythmic eruptive noises that made my eyebrows go all the way up whilst they end to a nod to King Crimson’s ‘The Sailor’s Tale.’

Magnus with his work with Motorpsycho, his guitar playing almost made leap whenever he goes in a shrieking mode. The evidence is on ‘Fuzzstew’ as the first three minutes and eight seconds gives the beast an unleashing roar thanks to Moster’s snarling sax work before the ferocious lines and dooming organ chord moments and the forces of energy are ready to wind up before ending with a fuzzy feedback.

The closing title-track brings Thomas Stronen to the center stage with his drum kit. He reminds me of a cross between both jazz greats Buddy Rich and Elvin Jones as he and the band members come in as he makes the jump to light speed to land back on Earth. Stronen is really pounding away on the rhythms to make the perfect landing on the soil before the Mellotron’s galore for a brief moment.

This album here that the Oslo-based musicians did, worked amazingly well together. They are a perfect match, perfect combination, and a perfect team to combine the Echoes as I’ve mentioned earlier in my introduction; Space Rock, Electronic Music, Free-Jazz, and Avant-Garde sounds to create a mind-blowing experience and the weirdest adventure that RareNoiseRecords have unleashed.

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