Plains of Decay by Necrovorous

Release date: September 29, 2017
Label: Dark Descent Records

What say we try pure old-school death metal worship for a Sunday? What new releases would you venture with a try? This year, we’ve seen some of death metal’s biggest bands shock with continued vitality and enthusiasm. Bands like technical brutal death metal warlords Dying Fetus and Suffocation are still ushering Armageddon, while old-school death metal bands like Memoriam, Necrot and Necrowretch are fanning the flames of the old-school sound. What say we try this death metal harbinger of destruction – Dark Descent Records’ Necrovorous. The album is called Plains of Decay. It is good!

The band mostly rages uptempo, but there are slow sections to stem the tide. There are also moments where the band goes slow, then fast, to unstoppable blastfest and back again. What’s the use of tempo changes if the riffs don’t live up to the pace? The riffs have swag on Plains of Decay. Maybe nothing you haven’t heard before, but nonetheless great!

Necrovorous’ prior album, Funeral for the Sane, was also a hit in my opinion. Funeral for the Sane was slightly more mellow than Plains of Decay. Plains of Decay sees Necrovorous up the ante by a great deal, shredding, chugging, tremolo-picking with urgency as though the band knew that their second full-length album had to break some necks to live up to their growing kvlt reputation. They do that and more fortunately.

These guys are like coroners for death metal’s stinking corpse. If death metal was dying, I would have smelt a real stink from my speakers, typically from mediocre bands from the mainstream, a smell like fresh flowers. Instead, Necrovorous play decomposing death metal art of supreme aesthetics for the most part. I don’t like it when the band slows down in the latter part of the album, but mostly I was headbanging and found it hard to stop!

The leads are cyclonic but not exactly guitar-god like. Who cares, right? The vocals are lower-register grunts that attempt some enunciation. The drums on the record are fun to bash along to and air drum. Highlight track is track two, ‘Cherish the Sepulture’ – uptempo crazy raging banger of a death metal track it is. And before you note that it too, has a slow section somewhere, I will say that the band does good by doing so. Effective pacing is integral in songwriting, and this track is one of the best death metal tracks I’ve ever heard. So, get to it! Play this or die trying!

Necrovorous breathes some death into old-school death metal’s corpse, willing it to live. This should be George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead soundtrack, my friends. You’ll love this live and you’ll love this blasting from your speakers.

Pray for your continued good health. If Necrovorous knows your name and knows where you live, your speakers will never forgive you for playing such raging uptempo old-school death metal!

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