Ugly Produce by King Parrot

Release date: September 22, 2017
Label: Agonia Records (EU) / Housecore Records (NA)

When it comes to grindcore, there tends to be two types of bands with differing output regarding their songs. I’m not talking musically, grindcore is grindcore after all, but the subject matter that they tackle in their material. On the one hand you have bands like Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and Phobia who more often than not, talk about social issues and injustices and tackle them head on. On the other hand with bands like Blood Duster and especially the always controversial Anal Cunt, they tended to bring humour (albeit a very warped kind of humour) into the mix with their albums.

You would always have been able to say that Australian grind machine King Parrot would be ranked in the latter camp (especially releasing songs like ‘Blaze In The Northern Suburbs’ and ‘Shit On The Liver’) and while their new album Ugly Produce still contains a lot of the bands trademark sense of humour, the band have taken on a more serious side to them with this album.


They storm back with this berserk new album entitled Ugly Produce and over the albums ten tracks, they proceed to show the world exactly what King Parrot are all about. Picking up where their last album Dead Set left off but upping the ante and this album, when compared to their previous two, has more of an overall grind vibe rather than a grind/thrash/metal mix throughout (although there are still some thrash metal riffs in there) and the whole thing whizzes by in a maelstrom of blast.

Songs like ‘Piss Wreck’, ‘Disgrace Yourself’, ‘All Hail The Grub’ and ‘Scattered’ are prime grind and show the bands talents for writing fast, pissed off material to maximum effect. Even the (relatively) longer songs on the album like ‘Numb Skull’ and the closing dirge of ‘Spookin The Animals’ positively fly by. The more humorous type songs like ‘Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag’ and ‘Die Before You Die’ more than pack a grind laden punch as well and demonstrate what a formidable force the band are.

This is super pissed off music for a super pissed off world and should see King Parrot go from a cult band to something even bigger. The band have Phil Anselmo on their side (they are signed to his Housecore Records label) and are constantly touring the globe and with the quality of Ugly Produce on show, it will see the bands profile get even higher throughout the next year. Look out for the band when they unleash their unhinged and memorable live show, but until then revel in the grind madness of Ugly Produce.

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