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On and Off is the latest release from Nottingham’s Grey Hairs. Acompanied by a new film from long-time collaborator Andy Gibson, On and Off is the shortest, sharpest shock from the band’s critically-acclaimed LP Serious Business. On and Off will be released through Gringo Records on September 8th as free download. 

Here is the press release with more info on the EP:

The film sees the band in their natural habitat (an empty club) being replaced by multiple doppelganger versions, all significantly better at miming and significantly more attractive than the band themselves. Talks are underway to send these doppelganger versions on tour on the band’s behalf. Not only will the music of Grey Hairs unite the world (a la Wyld Stallyns) it will also nourish the workforce through fair division of labour.

On and Off is joined by 5 bonus tracks. When making 2015’s Colossal Downer LP the band took comfort in the music of the late Harry Nilsson and in particular the part-Beatles/part-psychos is of the Nilsson Schmilsson LP. This resulted in the Grey Hairs Schmey Hairs’ 7 of covers on Hello Thor Records, released as a counterpart to the LP recorded at the same time

This time the comfort food was Roky Erickson & The Aliens’ masterpiece The Evil One. While everyone else seems to be breaking out the flares and the bong and feasting on the Elevators, this collection of odd-ball, deranged-but-sincere calls-from-the-wild seemed like a bottomless pit of inspiration. In keeping with tradition, the band covered 2 songs from the LP and they’re here for you to enjoy. (Yes, we know that band Ghost covered one of them too. We prefer the John Wesley Harding version, actually)

Not only that but you get the entirely new sparkling belter ‘Capable Man’, previously available only on the bands’ split 7” with Part Chimp on God Unknown (which has long sold out). Grey Hairs have described this as “our best song” but it’s generally accepted they aren’t the best judges of material or, indeed, of character.

If that wasn’t enough you also get 50-odd seconds of Black Flag (recorded only to irritate Nottingham’s Punk Police – of which there are many agents) and a drooling remix of LP track ‘Sausage’ by Normal Tea, aka former Designer Babies man Dusty Bible.

All of this is free in the 1s and 0s format because Grey Hairs love you.

Whilst we all enjoy the Great British Summer, Grey Hairs are currently locked in a damp practice room, slaving away on a follow-up to Serious Business that will doubtlessly propel them to mega stardom if they can just survive the Vitamin D deficiency.

Watch the brilliant video for ‘On and Off’ here:


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