Drunk in Hell by Drunk in Hell

Release date: October 13, 2017
Label: Burning World Records

Public Health Warning Notice regarding Drunk in Hell self-titled phonographic recording.

The aforementioned sound recording has been identified by the Office for the Monitoring of Sonic Debasement as a risk to the health of individuals coming in to contact with it, together with a wider threat to the basic tenets of public morality. It is considered that the combination of leering, sludgy noise, thudding prehistoric riffing, and sheer revolted aggression contained within it constitute sufficient danger to cultured musical sensibilities, to warrant this Notice.

Key features of concern are:

  •  Relentless squealing feedback is prominently audible between and even across some tracks. This effect is known to produce effects on listeners of lurching imbalance and extreme disquiet. The tracks ‘I’m Not Laughing’ and ‘Chick Flick’ can be considered as particularly offensive examples.
  •  Lyrical subject matter that veers from the anti-social to the obscene.
  •  Words are delivered in such a way that it leaves no doubt that the vocalist is deranged, and likely to cause derangement in others.
  •  On the track ‘Walking Abortion’, the repeated screams of “Try Harder… Try Fucking Harder” can only be exhortations to the subversion of decency at every level.
  •  The wild noisy thumping at the end of the final track can have no other musical purpose than to upset right-thinking people and endanger youth.
  •  The bassline on ‘Bitch Boy’ is disturbingly reminiscent of something foul wafting up a drainpipe.
  •  The track ‘Sick Sick Sex’ may prompt those of unquiet dispositions to yell along with the title (which may sound like the equally concerning ‘666’) in frothing, eye-bulging repetition. This cannot be recommended.
  • What may be understood as a riff on the track ‘Gag’ is highly likely to impair brain function and encourage thoroughly deviant behaviour, experts in musical foulness have confirmed.

While the ‘band’ have been known to the Ministry for some time, their activities have thus far been restricted to playing ‘concerts’ for that sector of society who have chosen to exist outside the bounds of normality, and for whom no health recommendations can be expected to have effect. The new emergence of a sound recording, however, has prompted this Warning Notice due to the wider risk of their sonic rage-sludge coming into contact with conventional citizens.

In controlled testing at the Ministry for Social Derangement, exposure to the recording has been observed to cause extreme reactions: in one case, in an ‘office setting’, the test subject smashed a telephone through a computer monitor while barking like a wolf. A lab technician is currently missing, with reports strenuously denied that they were found jumping in and out of puddles while cackling ‘I’m an Arsehole’, the name of one track on the album.

An image of the album sleeve has been included so as to alert the public, allowing them to identify the dangerous threat. All contact with the album should be entirely avoided, and individuals known to have listened should not be approached. If you suspect you have become exposed, please contact an accredited Ear Disgust Specialist who will treat immediately with soft rock ballads.

The source of the subversive material has been traced to an outlet in the Netherlands, Burning World Records, who have reportedly under surveillance for some months by local authorities for promulgation of similar sonic filth. It is thought that this is the most serious incident yet of aural horror emerging into public space.

A reminder that warnings are still in place for similar recordings by the groups High Rise and Mainliner.

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