Demiurge Asceticism by Devil's Emissary

Release date: September 9, 2017
Label: Third Eye Temple

Lured by the cool artwork used as its cover art, I decided to check out Third Eye Temple’s latest release from the band Devil’s Emissary entitled Demiurge Asceticism. After the first few sections I heard, my interest was immediately piqued.

Clearly, Devil’s Emissary’s latest offering brings some death metal touches to expand its black metal heritage. The guitars are downtuned heavily and the vocals are perfect for black/death metal.

Devil’s Emissary doesn’t simply rely on blast sections to parlay intensity the way plenty of bands do. The music isn’t catchy stanza-chorus-stanza song structure either. What they do here is put plenty of space in between tempo changes to effectively create atmosphere and set the mood. The churning downtuned rhythms often help listeners feel like they’ve been trapped in a boiler room full of deadly steam.

Demiurge Asceticism is preceded by two full-length albums I haven’t had the chance to listen to. However, Demiurge Asceticism is an EP that might be providing fans a stopgap to test the band’s new musical direction, clearly more black/death metal in style and execution. If this is what the band plans to explore in future efforts, I would approve of it. I like Demiurge Asceticism. It features the right direction for the band, and the pronounced utilization of slower tempos gives them an authenticity in comparison to the sub-genre’s most popular practitioners. The band’s music reminds me of a similar approach known from the band Antiversum.

Yet, I can easily say that Devil’s Emissary uses more grit and raw sound engineering on its riffs. The recording of the album is generally flawless in capturing the sound best for the performances on tap. No one particular song sticks out, and I usually approve of albums that don’t rely heavily on catchy hit songs. For a listening session with lit incense sticks and dystopic meditative music, choose Devil’s Emissary’s Demiurge Asceticism for a ritual worthy of worship to The Horned One.

Demiurge Asceticism is a fitting release for Third Eye Temple’s focus on ritual metal. I enjoyed listening to it, and amidst the rapid proliferation of black/death metal by underground labels everywhere, I am pleased to hear a band record music with a more distinctive style, all while utilizing an organic band sound. For collectors the world over, there can be no shortage of quality black/death metal. Demiurge Asceticism caters to that audience – discerning listeners who care little for trends and hipster articles featuring major label fodder. Sacred and spiritual, underground but proud, Devil’s Emissary and its latest effort, Demiurge Asceticism proves that the underground explosion of black/death metal efforts is still rife with quality examples the sub-genre has to offer.

No trend goes without a deserved end, but right now, bands are still playing the style with a pronounced quality fitting for a trend’s earliest manifestations. If it’s obscure sacred music for Beelzebub you want, this record fits like a week-old-worn pair of socks. If its prog, thrash, or melodic death metal you starve for, this is without a doubt a game changer should you give it a chance. I don’t mean to say that Demiurge Asceticism features similar aesthetics to the aforementioned genres. On the contrary, it doesn’t. But, an open mind is a horrible thing to waste, and should you care to hear a less popular style of black/death metal, Devil’s Emissary might introduce you to something you weren’t pre-disposed to liking in the first place.

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