Flowing into the 3rd Dimension by Black Moon Circle

Release date: August 25, 2017
Label: Crispin Glover Records / Space Rock Productions

When you ask the average music fan about the Norwegian music scene, I won’t be surprised that the majority of answers involve second wave black metal bands, or church burnings. However, there is so much more happening in this beautiful Nordic country. Of course, there is the national treasure Motorpsycho, who have been releasing dozens of full-length albums and EPs, pushing the boundaries of psychedelic progressive rock. Then there is Spidergawd, who have released four solid hard rocking albums to date, with this year’s IV being a particular fan favourite. In addition, let us not forget Årabrot, who have been a leading band in the international noise rock scene for a while now, inspiring numerous bands along the way.

Perhaps slightly less known, but definitely a band worth your time are psychedelic space rockers Black Moon Circle, who have just released the third instalment in their trilogy of studio jam albums. Aptly titled Flowing into the 3rd Dimension, this collective of musicians takes the listener over an impressive near 50 minutes of freakout jams of the highest order.

Consisting of two tracks, or rather extended jams, the first offering called ‘Barnard’s Loop’ starts a little bit timid, leaving the listener wondering what will happen next and building anticipation from the very start. After a short while, things turn very interesting when within a few beats the drums kick in, the tempo increases, and the riffs enhance substantially. There is an extreme cool layer of psychedelic analogue synth effects floating in and out, creating a fantastic space rock feel. This is top class psychedelia, gradually pushing you into an altered state of mind (added psychedelic supplements included or not).

The second track ‘Waves’ includes Snah, or Hans Magnus Ryan, of course more known as Motorpsycho’s guitarist, as added psych jam companion, resulting in a slightly different sound compared with ‘Barnard’s Loop’. It’s almost as if the band purposely kept the breaks on, as there’s a lot more control in structure, and more focus on creating psychedelic waves by combining the guitar effects and synth sounds. Towards the end of this 26 minutes long jam Øyvin Engan’s bass and Per Andreas Gulbrandsen’s drums ever so slightly push the track’s rhythm forwards before it fades out into a long silence, making the you switch the record over to side A once more, as an attempt to keep the trip going for as long as possible.   

Of worthy mention is the album’s cover art, which is another element of psychedelia, though of a non-musical variety. It is the result of Simon W. Gullikstad’s astral projections using oils and colours done live in the studio whilst the musicians were jamming away. It is the perfect addition to this release, really making it go full circle. Especially on the vinyl version, the artwork has its full effect and makes Flowing into the 3rd Dimension the perfect purchase for any freakout jamming space rock fan.

Black Moon Circle are a proud addition to Norway’s eclectic musical roster, and I cannot wait for the next jam to come out.

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