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The Dark Red Seed is the musical outlet of Tosten Larson, guitarist for Seattle dark folk musician King Dude. A self-coined “metaphor for the heart”, The Dark Red Seed represents a direct reference to life — and death — itself. The duo, which also includes King Dude engineer Shawn Flemming, has signed with Prophecy Productions and will release its debut EP, Stands with Death, on September 15.

Described as “a study of death”, Stands with Death is a dark, dusty discourse on the departure and ultimate dissolution of life; a powerful expression of absolute loss shaped through Larson’s haunting, Cash-like delivery. Each of the EP’s three songs represents various aspects of death (the death of America, death of culture and death of reality through technology and globalization), drawing on deep feelings and unanswered questions to create living, breathing sound.

The band now releases their new video for the track ‘The Antagonist’, of which Tosten says:

“The theme and the story of ‘The Antagonist’ is that of the Death of America. I think on the surface it is very clear who the Antagonist that I am addressing and portraying is. However, I don’t think it necessary for me to explicitly call this person by name. We all live in a hyper connected hyper globalized community and one would have to be living under a rock to not see the correlation between a certain global political leader and the main character in thevideo. 

That said I think the story of the Death of America is deeper, older and more complex than we like to think and it is unfair and inaccurate to simply point our finger and a current political leader or party. That is what the video is meant to portray as we show different characters throughout the short film. It is the idea that we are all one (country). We as Americans are all to blame and all play our part. Our successes of the past have become thecomplacency of the present and will become our downfall in the future. Yes, on the very surface layer the line ‘You’re not the chosen one’ refers to a specific person and America’s inadequate voting system but underneath thesubcontext is that NONE of us is the chosen one – and to admit that is an act of humility – something I think America and Americans need a heavy dose of.” 

Stands with Death is available for pre-order through here. Watch the video for ‘The Antagonist’ here:


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