Afterglow by Triptides

Release date: June 23, 2017
Label: Requiem Pour Un Twister

Cue the Rickenbacker guitars. Hearing the opening laid back vibes of ‘Summer is Over’ from LA-based psych pop group Triptides should place you right in the groovy mindset that permeates this entire release. Specifically, if you dig The Byrds, then you will feel right at home! ‘Rewind’ is fine and flowery with paisley-tinged riffs at its heart. The fine purveyors of this sound include the wide-ranging creative talents of Glenn Brigman (vocals and guitar), Josh Menashe (guitar and vocals), Dylan Sizemore (bass guitar) and Shaughnessy Starr (drums).

The band’s journey began in Bloomington, Indiana where Glenn and Josh shared musical ideas and ultimately created a complicated range of lush, ‘psychedelic beach-pop’ sounds. Two EPS and four LPs later, they are fixtures in the LA psych scene. ‘Invitation’ is pure gold, heavenly choruses and dreamy psych together working their magic on your ears. Instant love! ‘Love Me Too’ borrows a leaf from the great 60s playbook and works some modern sonic artistry, burnishing this pretty song with shining tones. They make it all seem effortless, but these lovely confections were carefully crafted and lovingly produced. It all comes down to a love of music, and this emanates from the grooves of this record.

‘What For’ has slide guitar and warm, mesmerizing organ. It’s extremely trippy but gentle in its execution. It’s a kaleidoscopic ride into vintage sounding pop. ‘Throne of Stars’ is a magic, mystical ride into the Paisley Underground by way of The Byrds with a dollop of British Invasion thrown in for good measure. And it kicks ass too! ‘July’ is another liltingly lovely song, executed with an ease that makes it quite clear that these musicians inhabit this musical space like seasoned travelers.

‘Gone For A While’ repeats the formula successfully, and the soft crooning is a balm to my senses. ‘Resolve’ is a twisting, sublime example of psych pop, and I like its faster pace and the organ up front in the mix. It works wonderfully well with the chiming guitars. Instant hit! Ooh, ‘Moonbeams’ is just fantastic, I love the way it works its wiles on me. Nice work!

The final song is the title track, and it drops in a bit of Turtles along with a slightly motorik cadence. It works well for the band, and is a fine way to end this inviting and charming recording. Highly recommended!

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