Servants Of The Salem Girl by The Necromancers

Release date: August 18, 2017
Label: Ripple Music

Rarely does a band arrive on the scene so fully formed that you have to do some research into them to find out a little history. In the case of The Necromancers, that is exactly what they are and judging from this debut release, Ripple Music have hit upon the jackpot. Already home to a tremendous bunch of bands, The Necromancers may yet find themselves venerated as the greatest of all.

That’s for the future and it could so easily fall apart but for one glorious album, Servants Of The Salem Girl, they have made what amounts to the best debut release so far this year. An album of unapologetic good time rock and roll, with a hefty dose of satanic nonsense, the French quartet draw on inspirations from European literature and film to fill their songs with menace, evil, but most of all, fun. Like Uncle Acid used to be, this is music which knows its core audience, knows its core themes, and are going to enjoy every single minute of it without taking it too seriously.

Wasting no time in dealing out the riffs, ‘Salem Girl Part 1′ is one of those openers which tells you everything you need to know about the band. A kind of hors d’oeuvres for what is to come, it encompasses their sheer delight in being able to play their music for you. You’d be a fool not to fall for it but stick around as the best is yet to come. With a template of greasy riffs and gruff vocals, you’ll be banging that head and looking for the nearest thing to sacrifice to Lucifer.

Ol’ Lucifer pops up on ‘Lucifer’s Kin’ (as he does throughout the album) in a track which is something of a deep cut as it slows down to a Sabbath style sludge riff. The band soon find the accelerator though and are again off rampaging across the rock and roll desert with the wonderful ‘Black Marble House’, a song seething with passion and energy. By the time ‘Grand Orbiter’ begins its progressive crawl, doing just enough to break up the riffs and provide a moment of clarity, the band could be yelling insults at your mother and you just wouldn’t care. This is the kind of band you just want to hang with.

‘Salem Girl Part II’ encompasses everything great about this band in a storm of B-movie horror meets Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. There are riffs, melodies, heaviness and fun, with it all timed to pitch perfection as little is left unwanted. If you wanted to be critical you could throw a little un-originality at them, but that would be churlish as the band know fully well where their influences lie. It’s what you do with them that counts and on the basis of this album, The Necromancers could very well see themselves as the new leading lights. A cracking debut release with provides everything you ever wanted from a cod-satanic rock and rock party monster.

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