Ter Agios Numini by Reverorum Ib Malacht

Release date: August 18, 2017
Label: The Ajna Offensive

After receiving a promo I tend to give it a quick skip through before listening to it fully, to get a rough idea of what I’m dealing with. On first skim through Reverorum Ib Malacht‘s new release Ter Agios Numini I had in one bizarre moment thought the band had completely flipped their lid. The vocals came at me like a child possessed… no scratch that! Chipmunk-thing! Instead of the deep harsh tones of vocalist Karl Hieronymus Emil Lundin I was subjected to the squealing blasphemy of Disney-esque abominations from whatever level of heck they crawled out from. I’m not too familiar with Malacht but this was a surprise for sure! Honestly, I thought they were taking the piss… but on skimming back to the same part of the track in particular I found that the vocals were back to ‘normal’. Was this my phone playing a trick on me… or perhaps a demonic interference? Whatever it was it proved the start of an interesting if odd listen.

Malacht display their Devilish balls with pride making whatever unconventional cacophony is sweet to their ears. The band even ripped/paid homage to the title and cover art of the Mayhem classic subtly altering the name to De Mysteriis Dom Christi for their sophomore full-length, proving the band clearly ‘do what thou wilt’ as not one but two near 20 minute tracks of dense and suffocating chaos further show.

Ter Agios Numini is though not an entirely new creation. Formed over the past ten years the band have reworked these songs over and over into the twisted shapes presented here. As with previous albums Malacht drown you in feedback and venomous walls of noise. The music is utterly cavernous, despairing and mystical even. Opener ‘Synestesi’ draws on the mystic and is one of the albums brief but memorable acts of almost silent tranquility.

Gregorian chants open ‘Long Into the Time Beyond’ before torturously transforming into Lundin’s Attila-esque screams. Low-mix blast beats play a continual part of this epic 21 minute track, but tend to get lost amongst the noise. The first 7 minutes proves the more brutal segment before easing off into a dare I say sci-fi ambience with scattered monstrous screams tearing through the atmosphere. It is a hugely claustrophobic track and whilst the noises that Lundin makes can at times border on the silly it is still a nightmarish vision, a complete contrast to the hauntingly beautiful and sublimely simply ‘Reverorum Ib Malachtum’, a short but sweet instrumental and penultimate track.

Final track ‘Dwellings Are His That Die’ takes a slow trudge into the twisted with dimensions of vocal messings and incoherent atonal drum patterns which follow no real path other than to utter confusion. This goes on for 11 whole minutes. It sounds one of those awfully obscure Soviet war tapes which has had its tempo turned up to max, especially around the 9 minute mark. Luckily after 11 minutes the track takes a better turn in one of the albums highlights ushering in a more thoughtful ambience with ghostly distant singing. A stark transformation from the absurd and a nice finish to the album.

This is not for all. My god it’s not for all! Reader beware, this is not an easy listen. Some will love it but I sincerely doubt anyone in the black metal community will abhor it wholeheartedly. It has the right amount of raw murk to keep the Trve horde at bay and enough bleak blackened noise to get others going, whilst followers of the twisted will be in their element.

I’m baffled yet thoroughly immersed. I have an odd feeling that the band want you to feel this way. They want you to be audibly challenged and become drawn in to the madness that clearly lies within each carefully… or not-so carefully constructed note. I cant help but think that with better production their music would take on a new life, but the raw appeal of the soundscapes presented here are part of what makes Reverorum Ib Malacht an odd but vital band.

This is music to open the Hellmouth with! I don’t care what religion the band has decided on… having apparently converted from their anti-cosmic ways… this is still some dark and strangely engrossing evil shit.

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