Exhumed at East Village Arts Club

Support: Corrupt Moral Altar| Exhumation | Gorehead
June 10, 2017 at East Village Arts Club
Promoter: Deathwave Entertainment

Arguably the heaviest show to come to Liverpool so far this year, as the Arts Club played host to death metal legends Exhumed, backed up by some of the north West’s finest noise makers. A decent crowd from early on (always a feature of shows here, always a good turn out for local supports) was treat to a night of blasting goodness.

First up were Manchester’s Gorehead, and they opened up proceedings in fine style. Give the fact that they featured a last minute replacement bassist (After The Abductions’ Lewis Tyson stepping in), they pummelled their way through a short but impressive set of grinding death metal, as well as connecting well with the crowd. A band I didn’t know too much about beforehand, but will definitely be checking out again soon. 



Next were Exhumation. Its around two years since I first saw this band and have endeavoured to try and catch them whenever they play a hometown show. After releasing the excellent Sin Of Skin EP and appearing at Bloodstock after winning last years local Metal 2 The Masses contest, they seem to be making big leaps forward every time I see them play. With a set drawn from the EP and some older material, they use their half hour to showcase their every growing reputation. An appreciative crowd too, hopefully it wont be too long before we see them featuring higher up on bills like this.


Sludge Grind four piece Corrupt Moral Altar were main support tonight. With a new album in the works they smashed through a riotous set that featured tracks from debut full length Mechanical Tides as well as older EPs including an immense sounding ‘Lord’ from Whiskey Sierra. Vocalist Chris Reese spent a fair amount of time at the barrier, and even joined the crowd himself at one point as he screamed along to the cacophonous racket being made onstage. Effortlessly switching between slower doom laden riffs and full on grind, the band are perfectly placed in an underground that sees bands stick to doing their own thing be it fast or slow, these prefer to smash both styles together to great effect on record and then take it up a couple more levels live.

Corrupt Moral Affair

By the time Exhumed took to the stage, the crowd had already been treated to three great sets, and no matter who was headlining they had a fair bit to live up to. Luckily though, we had the Californian veterans who as expected put on a masterclass, with an hour of old school death metal to close the evening. They were joined as is the norm by their chainsaw wielding surgeon mascot as they produced a set from throughout their long career, with classic ‘Gore Metal’ featuring heavily as well as 2013’s Necrocracy, and also some material from their more thrash driven days. As sets go, bar the surgeon it’s a pretty straightforward show. Plenty of appreciation towards the fans, which is more than repaid, and no messing about just a full on hour of harshness that everyone there enjoyed.


Sadly, not a sell-out show (but this is quite a large venue to fill), but a decent turnout and an enthusiastic crowd nonetheless seeing some of the finest proponents of each of their respective scenes. Exhumed showing everyone how the best does it, and the excellent support acts showing the future of extreme metal is in safe hands (especially in the North West).









Reprisal Of The Obscured – Resurrection – Cracked, Broken, Demented, Deranged – Flatline – Sadistic Inhumanity – Sin Of Skin – Cognizant Craniotomy

Corrupt Moral Altar






Judith’s – Whiskey Sierra – Lord – Human – Engineering – Sparkle – Blood Harmony – Die Clocke – Birth / Death – I Didn’t Ask To Be Here







All Guts No Glory – As Hammer To Anvil – Decrepit Crescendo – Maniac – Limb From Limb – Vacant Grave – Dysmorphic – Sickened – Sodomy And Lust – Torso – Casketkrusher – Coins Upon The Eyes – Waxwork – Distorted And Twisted To Form – Open The Abscess

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