While She Sleeps at Liverpool East Village Arts Club

May 3, 2017 at Liverpool East Village Arts Club

A late call to cover a show of a band that I hadn’t heard for a while, but were playing close to home sounded like a good night to me. Unfortunately, due to work, by the time I got to the Arts Club, I had missed the opening bands, but had got there in time to set up for headliners While She Sleeps, in town as part of the tour on the back of their Top Ten album You Are We.

As I headed down into the photo pit, I was collared by one of the security guards and told that even though we had our usual three songs to get pictures, we may be asked to leave after two as they had been told the third song could get hectic with crowd surfers coming over the barrier. Sounded like a good night was in store. Duly warned, I headed in front of what was a chaotic mess. A brilliant start to the evening with the first two tracks played with the band almost silhouetted against the screen behind them. and, as predicted, ‘Seven Hills’ started and the crowd went ballistic.

While She Sleeps – The crowd went ballistic…

After that it seemed to calm down a little and the show felt a little bit flat for a few tracks. Maybe that was just because I had been right in the thick of it at the front and then headed to the safety of the back to pack my camera away, but the energy level seemed to drop a little bit. It wasn’t to long before it started to wind up again however, and reached fever pitch as we headed towards the end of the set. ‘This Is The Six’ is where it all started to kick off, with the crowd responding to vocalist Lawrence Taylor’s requests for a circle pit, and one immediately opened up. The crowd lapped up their final chances to go wild, and then tried to persuade the band to head to a pub round the corner after the show after they said they had a day off the next day.

While She Sleeps – Aaran McKenzie

It was a quality show, from a band that seem to be getting a big push and definitely have the tunes to back up that build in momentum. They’ve definitely got enough about them to become a real force for a long time, and having the confidence to stack the set with new tracks shows they have the conviction to do things their way. Their remarkable chart placing is no fluke on this evidence. Lets hope this is the start of something special, and we will soon be seeing more British bands getting a similar boost.

While She Sleeps – Lawrence Taylor


You Are We – Civil Isolation – Seven Hills – Brainwashed – Empire of Silence – New World Torture – Wide Awake – Our Legacy – Feel – This Is The Six – Silence Speaks – Four Walls – Hurricane

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