One of Edinburgh’s finest bands Dvne is about to release their debut full-length album called Asheran (released on July 28th through Wasted State Records). We asked guitarist and vocalist Victor Vicart about the 3 albums that have influenced him hugely in becoming the musician and music fan he is today.

Victor says: “Obviously, it’s impossible to put together a list of 3 albums that influenced me. I keep on discovering new bands every day which make me want to explore new directions when writing music. Relatively recently I’ve started digging synthwave and shoegaze stuff for example, and I’m keen to use some elements from both styles in what we do with Dvne or another project.

That said, for the purpose of this article I kind of wanted to highlight three albums that has changed my way of looking at music and really made me want to start playing in bands.”

Judas Priest – Painkiller

Painkiller is the album that made me start learning guitar properly. Back when I was about 13, I was skateboarding a lot, and skateboard vids introduced me to heavy bands like AC/DC, Metallica and Motörhead. I eventually broke my wrist quite badly and couldn’t ride for a while, so I picked up a guitar and started noodling around some Metallica riffs. I eventually start buying CDs and I picked up a bunch of albums from the record shop. I remember picking up Painkiller and thinking “shit this cover look so fucking cool!”.

From the first listen I was totally hooked and had the album on constant repeat. I was obsessed with how the guitars sounded and how fast they were ripping through riffs and solos, and to this days I still think the virtuosity of both guitarists is out of this world.

I started learning the album by heart until I eventually knew most of the riff and could play along most tracks. I obviously still can’t play Judas Priest’s solos, because they are ridiculously hard, but I did give them a shot and learnt quite a few scales thanks to them!

Mastodon – Crack the Skye

They way I’ve listen to music has always been a very personal thing, as most of my friends back in France don’t listen to heavy music at all. So, it’s not until I moved to the UK when I turned 20 that I really got into Mastodon.

I had listened to Leviathan before that, but I didn’t like it at first. It is Crack the Skye that made me really fall in love with Mastodon’s music. I always was a fan of progressive bands and 2112 by Rush could have been on this list. So, Crack the Skye ticked all the boxes for me. The progressive elements, the seamless flow between each track and the mix between heavy riffs and haunting melodies completely changed the way I perceived music.

I started listening to Mastodon’s full discography because of this album, and I finally started loving harsh vocals, more frantic and angular drums and guitar riffs. And so, Mastodon really was my Pandora’s box. They opened to me to a whole new scene with bands like Neurosis, High on Fire, Yob, Kylesa or Isis, which then introduced me to heavier stuff including black metal influenced artists.

Tool – Lateralus

This one is a no brainer. An album that I consistently come back to and I keep on discovering new elements to it. Tool is also the only band we can all agree on with the boys in Dvne, so it gets played a lot and we tend to sing along quite a bit after a few drinks!

I personally have no interest in overly technical music, and bands trying to be clever for the sake of it bore me. So, I’m blown away by how Tool uses polyrhythmic elements, or even infuse the Fibonacci sequence through a whole song while still sounding so beautiful. And in fact, it’s only when you listen very closely to each track that you start hearing these elements, because they are never out of place and always adding something unique to the music.

Lateralus is also a perfectly executed album. The instrumental section is obviously outstanding, but Tool wouldn’t be tool without Maynard’s vocals. It adds so much to the already highly emotional and dramatic feel to the music, and is probably the reason why I still have goosebumps when playing it.

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