Soundtrack To Your Own Fantasy by Mixtaped Monk and Cousin Silas

Release date: July 28, 2017
Label: Studio 4632

Soundtrack To Your Own Fantasy is Mixtaped Monk’s second album release. This album is a split release and collaboration with British ambient music legend Cousin Silas. As in most well crafted instrumental albums, this album paints a picture in the listener’s mind, using different tempos, tones and layers. The song titles act as road signs, helping to direct you on your journey. Although there are similarities between Silas and Mixtaped Monk’s style of playing, there is also a definite contrast in their style which makes the album a joy to listen to. Mixtaped Monk and Silas play off each other, creating a story of movement and discovery using music.

We start with the first track, ‘Mixtaped Monk – Let Them Play’. It begins with children playing with an ambient and spacey drone. A playful riff begins, a compliment to the children heard in the background. The track inspires wonder and hope. It floats this way through to the end of the track. Always with the children playing in the background.

‘Cousin Silas – Remembering Days’ is a made up of darker layered drones, in comparison to the first track, with guitar/bass played in between. There is a ton of atmosphere in this track, creating a vast soundscape. Each layer breaths, giving space for each one to come through and hit you like a soft breeze on a warm evening.

In ‘Mixtaped Monk – Wanderer’, Mixtaped Monk continues with the recorded sounds. This time using birds chirping. A drone begins with diverse riffs being played using guitar and strings, it seems. The track is fluid, creating feeling of physical movement, as the title of the track suggests, a wanderer wandering a new land.

Silas comes back with another spacey track, ‘Cousin Silas – Entangled’. Synth and guitar drones bring in a reflective pause in the album, an experience through space and time.

‘Mixtaped Monk – Revelations’ seems like a mix of track 1 and 3. Again, Mixtaped Monk conjures up feelings of hope and light using uplifting piano riff and melodic strings.

‘Cousin Silas – Daylight On Saturday’ begins with piano and a quiet drone in behind. Again, this piece is reflective and quiet. Guitar riffs break the repetitive piano riff with wondrous swells and drones.

Great synth and guitar start off in, ‘Mixtaped Monk & Cousin Silas – Awakening’, with cool synth sounds added. Here you can really tell that Mixtaped Monk and Silas came together on this one. I knew this without even having to look at the track name and description. The track showcases both their similarities and contrasts in playing. It’s a musical connection that created a great track.

Mixtaped Monk & Cousin Silas – Awakening (Official Video)

Official Music Video for "AWAKENING," a collaborative song by Mixtaped Monk & Cousin Silas is OUT NOW!The song is taken from the upcoming album "Soundtrack To Your Own Fantasy" by Mixtaped Monk & Cousin Silas.The album is due for release soon via New York-based record label Studio 4632.Pre-Order the album here: #postrock #experimental #instrumental

Posted by Mixtaped Monk on Wednesday, 5 July 2017

With ‘Cousin Silas – Silver Sky’, we are back to lush atmospheric soundscape with deep and shimmering synth drones. The guitar here comes in and adds an atmospheric riff mixed with lots of wonderful reverb.

The last track, ‘Mixtaped Monk – Twilight Wishes’ is a soundscape of waves, synth noise, pops and shimmers with guitar grounding the track.

A must listened through headphones, Mixtaped Monk and Silas have created a wonderland for the senses. Close your eyes and allow each layer created by them to permeate through to your synapses. Collaborating is not an easy task, made even more difficult when artists live in different cities. Mixtaped Monk and Silas have managed to succeed at this task and have created a great album.

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