Interview: Necrot

We don't stop playing the music we want to regardless of who or what is influencing us. We do this for ourselves and because we want to do it.

Necrot is a death metal band from Oakland, California, and their debut album Blood Offerings impressed me a great deal. In fact, I heaped heavy praise on Blood Offerings here on Echoes and Dust, and fans into old-school death metal similar to Autopsy and Bolt Thrower should love the material on Blood Offerings. With members from Vastum and Acephalix, Necrot has plenty of promise for its future releases. I recently had a chat with the band about Blood Offerings, and was stoked to hear that Necrot are just getting started releasing material. The band is currently on tour with Undergang, and I am thankful the band took some time during tour stops to answer my questions.

(((o))): I heaped high praise for your debut-full-length album Blood Offerings in my review at Echoes and Dust. Would you agree that this is the best material you’ve released so far? What made you guys decide to occasionally slow down and incorporate less punk rock, using more tempo changes and Bolt Thrower-like crushing chugging riffs?

Necrot: Yes, we feel that Blood Offerings is the best material we have written so far. It took a long time to get to this point and we are happy with the results. I think that we have a good balance of heavy, slow parts and fast, aggressive parts throughout the album. There isn’t a dull moment.

(((o))): I’ve heard the demo compilation and it sounds like the songwriting has really matured in Blood Offerings. There are literally shredding segments that trace some variety in the song structure on your latest record. Would you agree that you’ve evolved past the simpler song structure that comprised your demos?

Necrot: Most of our songs follow similar formulas. If you listen to the entire catalogue like we have for the last six years or so you can definitely hear similarities. Some of the newer material we have written is definitely a step up from past work. The songs ‘The Blade’, ‘Layers of Darkness’, and ‘Empty Hands’ have really proven that.

(((o))): I’m curious about the artwork on the demos compared to that used in Blood Offerings. Were you guys just sick of black and white album covers and decided to move in another direction?

Necrot: The reason we did black and white covers for the first three demos was so they could form one giant image by the time the third demo was completed. For Blood Offerings we wanted artwork that would match the sick record we had just recorded. I had always wanted to get a piece from Marald so when he was interested we went with him. Couldn’t be happier with the result.

(((o))): There’s definitely some punk rock remaining in Necrot’s sound, but it has definitely taken it up a notch in complexity. Did you guys jam the tracks in Blood Offerings for some time, leaving them to improve by great increments with each jam session. What was different about the songwriting process this time around?

Necrot: We followed the same formula we always have while writing these new songs. It’s been the best way for us to write since we started. We practiced the songs for almost eight months before we went into Earhammer and recorded the tracks in August 2016. Everything was done before our tour with Phrenelith in February 2017.

(((o))): The first and second riffs on track seven, ‘Breathing Machine’, are some of the best old-school death metal riffs I’ve heard in a while. When the first riff transitions to the second riff, I’m absolutely headbanging like George Fisher. Talk about how the riffs came together for this track and this album.

Necrot: The majority of the album was written by Luca while he was playing guitar high as fuck in his bedroom. after that he brought the songs to sonny and I and we incorporated the rest of the pieces to the puzzle.

(((o))): Bands often hate being compared to other bands, but I’m curious as to what influences have you guys listened to heavily during the creation of Blood Offerings. Are there bands that haven’t already been mentioned so far that might have inspired you guys to keep jamming?

Necrot: We don’t stop playing the music we want to regardless of who or what is influencing us. We do this for ourselves and because we want to do it.

(((o))): If I’m not mistaken, Necrot is going on tour soon. What places are you excited to play in, and how do fans find out if you’re coming out to their part of town to bash their brains in, playing live?

Necrot: We are on tour right now for a month with Undergang across the United States. We have some killer shows coming up along the east coast, mid-west, and Pacific Northwest. Fans can find out when we play their town if the promoter in their town does a good job promoting our shows.

(((o))): Chad is an ex-Vastum member and Luca is currently in its ranks. Do you use Necrot to play another style of death metal? I like it when bands don’t play in just one band because fans tend to dislike wholesale changes to their fave bands’ albums when the musicians feel like experimenting. Can you talk about your other projects and how different or similar they are to Necrot?

Luca: Necrot is exactly how I’d like every band to sound like. I only have partial control on the music production in my other bands and the players in my other bands are not as skilled and dedicated as Chad and Sonny are, so yes this is fucking great. I think people can check out my other side projects (Vastum, Acephalix) if they like and get an idea of the differences, but for me it’s like night and day really.

(((o))): What plans do you have for the next album? Are you as excited as I am for what comes next after Blood Offerings and where the band can take this great album and potentially release an even better album in the future? Can fans expect more of Blood Offerings, or do you guys already have something up your sleeves?

Necrot: Everyone will have to wait and see what happens next. Don’t want to spoil anything just yet.

(((o))): Thank you for speaking with me and more power to you in future releases!

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