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Kylver (pronounced – Kill-ver) are a four piece instrumental progressive rock/metal band who have crafted their take on the progressive genre by mixing slow and heavy doom riffs, odd time signatures, atmospherics of post-rock and Hammond tones of the 70’s with a classic rock and metal sound. We’ve been big fans of Kylver over at Echoes and Dust for years, since they released The Mountain Ghost in May 2015, followed by The Island last year. The Island has now been given the well-deserved vinyl treatment by Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings and it’s also released on cassette through Graven Earth Records

We’re proud to bring you the Kylver’s latest video for ‘The Great Race’. The band comments: “‘The Great Race’ is the final track from The Island and the final part of the albums concept. The first video for ‘Hy-Brasil’ ended with the sole survivor of the shipwreck being transported from the island to another world. ‘The Great Race’ begins with him awakening the day before the fated voyage is to set sail. With his mind erased of past events he makes haste in returning to his village before boarding the ship to begin his journey again.”

Watch the video here:


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