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Comprised of Zacharias Flaathe on bass, Brage Lindebrekke on drums and Jack Holldorff on guitar and vocals, Duvel are the alpha-dandies of the Oslo underground. They may be young, but they know a thing or two about the outer fringes of normality. Which is probably why their personal take on post-punk sounds so raw and ghostly. Their spine-chilling debut album was recorded and mixed at Oslo autonomous youth community house, Blitz by Bjørn Larsen and is set for release in early 2018 via Fysisk Format.

Jack says about the new single ‘Winter Dreams’: “Our new single is called ‘Winter Dreams’ (that’s right, we stole the title from Tsjajkovskij) and you might think that releasing it in the summer time is a weird move. Right now I’m soaking up sun by the water at an idyllic cabin off the coast of Norway. At the same time, i know very well that in a couple of months I will once more be sitting alone in my flat, wondering why I even bother getting out of bed in the morning. This single is a sort of an alarm-clock. A friendly reminder that sometime soon there will be pitch black mornings, cold bus-rides and even colder relationships to the ones you love.”


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