Interview: Necrowretch

There are so many kinds of metal I like and wish to arrange in a necro-style... From Candlemass to Sarcofago, there is good inspiration everywhere.

Necrowretch has been one of my favorite bands through the years. If you’re eager for death metal of high caliber, few bands match Necrowretch in musicianship and pace. Yes, indeed, the band plays uptempo a lot, and the riffs are always crisp. The production has largely captured the band predictably well. I recently had a chat with guitarist/vocalist Vlad from the band about their plans and their latest album, Satanic Slavery.

(((o))): Has the reception for Satanic Slavery been mostly positive thus far? I reviewed your album for Echoes and Dust (read it here) and I have everything in your discography. You haven’t had a disappointing release yet. What do you think is the secret to the band’s consistent quality in all your output so far?

Vlad: Infernal greetings! For us, Satanic Slavery represents the best material we’ve ever done with Necrowretch. The songs, the recording and all the energy we put into this effort helped to deliver a total blast. We’ve always been very proud of our releases and we only keep the best material of the composition for the recording, but on Satanic Slavery something was different, we really had the aim to create our most diabolical and rabid album, crushing everything we’ve done before, from the overture till the end of the album, I think we’ve succeeded.

(((o))): Underground death metal tends to sound different. With guitars that are downtuned severely, and vocals typically utilizing death growls, do you agree that Necrowretch is undeniably unique in approach? What other elements of your sound do people make note of only sparingly that you would like to mention?

Vlad: Most of the people will not understand that our music is not only inspired by us death metal types. From Swedish acts like Dismember, Nihilist to South American madness Anal Vomit, Mortem… We take our influences from many different visions of extreme metal and a lot from thrash and heavy metal as well. All this panorama is maybe the key of our sound and attitude.

(((o))): The band is officially a three-piece, is it not? The musicianship is incredible considering you don’t have four or five members to ease the load. The drumming is especially underrated. Do you guys jam out the tracks or is there a primary songwriter in the band?

Vlad: Satanic Slavery was recorded as a trio but we are playing as a four piece in live. We never jam anything, as we live in different places it’s very hard to rehearsal. I write all the music and everyone play his parts at home, when we meet at the studio, we spend some time to play the songs together, but as the musicians in Necrowretch are very talented, we don’t need many jam to play properly.

(((o))): I’ve always thought that the pace of the vocal enunciations reminds me of old-school thrash. What are some of your influences as musicians? What sort of music helped lay the groundwork for what you guys would play in Necrowretch?

Vlad: The vocals inspiration mostly comes from early Dismember material, as well from Sepultura’s first album. I like this kind of raw vocals which sound like a cavern beast howling. Youngness and instinct play a large role in many legendary metal albums. I don’t ask myself too many questions to keep the music as naive as possible, the important is not the technic but the energy.

(((o))): I still listen to Putrid Death Sorcery, Bestial Rites, and With Serpents Scourge. I would like to make note that your style has hardly changed too much all these years. What could be different in your next album? Is Necrowretch going to always play hyperspeed death metal? Do you think your fans have been quite loyal because your music retains its purity in approach?

Vlad: For now, each album is faster than the previous one and we’ve managed to be more and more bestial over the years. But I don’t think that a rush of speed is the good solution, just like in Satanic Slavery we had to put speed and low tempos together in order to create catchy and memorable songs. As Putrid Death Sorcery was a real death metal album, With Serpents Scourge was way more black metal oriented. I think Satanic Slavery offers a good mix of our capacities, it’s more death/thrash oriented, but still with the frenzy parts of Serpents… There are so many kinds of metal I like and wish to arrange in a necro-style… From Candlemass to Sarcofago, there is good inspiration everywhere. For now I don’t have a clue about the future music of the band, but it will only deal with HELL!

(((o))): Talk about Satanic Slavery some for fans who want to know more about the band’s direction. Do you see Satanic Slavery as your best album so far? Do you think it takes out most of the urges to slow down in between tracks this time around for you guys to use more blastbeats?

Vlad: Contrary to the other albums which were composed ‘from time to time’, Satanic Slavery was created in a six months non ending song writing/demo recording. I started the composition with an opening song and ended with the closure song, the setlist didn’t change between the composition and the recording of the final master. The album is not just an addition of songs but a real piece of putrid death metal history. I didn’t think in terms of blastbeat or not, but just to create hell and unleash fury upon the listener.

(((o))): Which bands have you toured with so far, and which of these bands has impressed you the most? Would you utilize some of their differing elements to add to your sound

Vlad: We’ve several times shared the stage with Marduk at some festivals. I’m always very impressed by the energy and the non-stop of violence they still deliver live after all these years.

(((o))): What are your plans for the band at present? Where can fans expect to see you play live?

Vlad: Our aim is to play the maximum of lives, tours and festivals around the world. All the shows will be announced on Facebook. Only expect: pain, torment and suffering!

(((o))): Thank you for answering my questions. I look forward to hearing more of your music. More power!

Vlad: Thanks for your support! Satanic Slavery is now available through Season of Mist or directly through the band. See you in hell!!

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