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Sun Of The Sleepless is the solo project of Schwadorf (aka Markus Stock), the mastermind behind two of Prophecy Productions’ most popular acts, Empyrium and The Vision Bleak. The band creates poetic black metal dirges that twist with cold, raw atmospheres. Despite its formation in 1998, Sun Of The Sleepless releases its full-length debut To the Elements only in 2017, following its split EP with Nachtmahr (2004), the band’s debut EP “Poems to the Wretches Hearts” (1999) and the coveted 7″ “Tausend Kalte Winter” released in 2000.

With To the Elements, Schwadorf creates songs that brim with aura and mood, building on the foundation that was laid with Sun Of The Sleepless’ previous works while injecting an entirely new level of intensity and incandescence. Described by its creator as “A fist in the face of a shallow world!” the record’s icy cold black metal holds a doom-laden edge warmed only by poetic lyrics inspired by great romantic writers of the ages.

To the Elements will be released on July 21st through Prophecy Productions and is available for pre-order through here. You can listen to the advance stream of the track ‘Phoenix Rise’ below.  

Schwadorf comments: “There’s opposites. And where there is opposites there is energy and evolution. Movement. No light without shadow. And a wild power lies within this. You have to destroy to create. You have to let go to receive. The Phoenix is the ultimate symbol of this and a totem of all artists.

There’s some old school Metallica in the riffing, of course newer Dissection and also a lot of Empyrium and old Ulver vibes especially in the epic ending which features very famous lyric lines by Tolkien which I wanted to use since as long as 1995 when I first read them. Here they are now – ending the album in a very appropriate way hinting at the future…”

Sun Of The Sleepless has returned and the world is on warning!


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