Sabbath Highway by The Watchers

Release date: November 4, 2016
Label: Ripple Music

Black Sabbath fans have been mourning the band’s retirement as of late. It was announced during their last tour that the bandmembers were effectively calling it quits. Sadly, bands who pay tribute to Sabbath groove metal aren’t as proliferate throughout the metal scene as fans think. If a tributary band shows some chops playing old Sabbath style doom metal, people need to pay heed, as fans of the band will only have Sabbath records to enjoy for a while. The band, The Watchers, features vocalist Tim Narducci, formerly of bands Scorched Earth and White Witch Canyon amongst others. The band also includes drummer Carter Kennedy, formerly of Orchid, and bassist Cornbread from Vicious Rumors. Guitarist Jeremy Von Eppic rounds out the line-up.

The Watchers released an EP in 2016 called Sabbath Highway, and a click of the play button is all that’s necessary for fans to clue themselves in on the band’s style. If the band is fortunate, as will you be, you won’t need an introduction for this band the next time they release more material.

The Watchers play heavy stoner rock/Sabbath doom very well, especially on the first track ‘Sabbath Highway’. Five songs of stellar execution await Sabbath Highway’s anxious listener, and the band effectively audition for a label to keep putting out their records based on these five tracks of obvious quality.

Why review such an old release? Because bands like The Watchers are oft-ignored in this age. I was checking out their EP when it dawned on me that few vocalists inspire me to air-mic like I did to Tim Narducci’s great singing here. That is, besides doing air-guitar to the chugging rhythm and bluesy licks of guitarist Jeremy Von Eppic on this EP. It won me over…convincingly, so I felt strongly about reviewing this EP for the sake of Sabbath fans mourning the close of Sabbath’s run as one of the greatest bands still touring and recording.

The members of The Watchers should consider recording more music, as this EP should give fans much to be excited about the band’s future, especially if they keep the quality high, such as they do in Sabbath Highway. Ripple Music is responsible for the release of the EP, so track down the label and get this if you agree that the band is off to a promising start. Waiting for another big band to come along might take forever. Black Sabbath is legendary, and a band pressed to compare with their prolificity is tasked with an endeavour that is far too difficult to even fathom. It always starts from the bottom for every unheralded band, and there’s no telling how good The Watchers will be on future releases. Here’s to Sabbath Highway, and a promising future for this promising band from Victoria, Texas.

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