Pallbearer at Ruby Lounge

Support: Pinkish Black
April 9, 2017 at Ruby Lounge
Promoter: CMH Live

Doom shows don’t generally throw up much by way of surprises beyond a band having a more psychedelic sound than expected, or including an unusual instrument like violin. Then Pinkish Black came along. It’s probably pertinent to get two key points out of the way. Firstly, (the biggest surprise for someone who hadn’t checked out the band beforehand) there aren’t any fuzzy slow guitars in Pinkish Black’s set (nor indeed any guitars at all). Secondly, they don’t sound out of place in the slightest. Jon Teague’s drum patterns sound crisp; central when necessary, but never overpowering. With the dark looped ambient soundscapes, and some synth leads, the result is a close facsimile for doom, albeit more unnerving and eerie. Throughout the set, keyboardist Daron Beck channels Martin Powell’s melancholic melodies while delivering a diverse array of vocals, ranging from soaring cleans to anguished howls. All in all, a hypnotic, enthralling performance…

One of the first things noticeable about Pallbearer is the dichotomy between their oft mournful sound and their upbeat humour, promising, before ‘The Ghost I Used To Be’, “a load of new songs, but this isn’t one of them.” There’s a point midway through the song where the tempo drops, and everything bar a solitary sombre guitar melody drops away. Usually, in a live setting, such moments have their solemnity ruined by two or three drunken tits whose conversation can’t wait; here, the silence seems almost poignant. Though this proves to be the personal high point, that’s not to say their standards slip throughout an excellently performed set, taking in tracks from each album, and more of the oddball banter (“this one’s the slow one”). They close with a stunning rendition of ‘Foreigner’, featuring Hamish Glencross guesting on bass, a nice touch at the end of a stunning set. The future of the doom scene is in good hands with bands like these around.

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