Mind Mold by Mind Mold

Release date: April 28, 2017
Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Dissonant, psychedelic atmospheric blackened doom metallers Mind Mold are a unique band of brothers. Disharmonic, with ringing notes used in great prominence, Mind Mold has just released their debut self-titled EP.

Occasionally, the dissonance lets up and the band cruises at mid-tempo to some interesting chord transitions. The band downpick in doom sections to the sound of screaming, care of the vocals. With lyrics difficult to make out, the vocals mostly provide important accent for the stop-gaps in music.

A difficult take on the blackened doom metal template, the guitars sound closer to black metal than the severe downtuning typical of doom metal guitar. The band occasionally uses atmospheric sound samples that help create a dense wall of sound for the listener to discern on an intent listen.

Sometimes, the band frantically goes through the riffs before the slow downpicking resumes. The drums and bass are obscure in the mix, and the guitars and vocals steal the show. However, a careful listen at high volume helps the listener make out important aspects of the drumming performance, adding nuance to the music by providing a transitioning wave of tempo changes that works as an anchor, and helps steady the progression of the music.

But mostly, Mind Mold plays psychedelic, atmospheric rung notes to slower tempos. Unique in style but difficult for some fans who like accessible music of any form to appreciate, Mind Mold present just the tip of the iceberg for the band and its fans so far. To the tune of dissonant notes ringing, syncopated beats that morph into a succession of strange drum patterns, Mind Mold makes an album worth checking out by fans who need to hear something fresh. Original music like this is worth the media coverage. Mind Mold are perhaps better listened to in analog format, so try the links here on Echoes and Dust to see where you can avail of their record. The reverb and constant downpicking makes for a more intense doom listen than most, but this self-titled EP needs a patient ear to appreciate all the elements the band employs here. Try something new for a change. Stream this here and get a copy before it’s too late.

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