Blight Upon Martyred Sentience by Impetuous Ritual

Release date: June 16, 2017
Label: Profound Lore Records

This is a staggering dirge of warped death metal, utter chaos that immediately upon contact will corrode your ears with blackened filth.

You know those trucks you sometimes see doing the asphalt on the roads? Massive heavy vehicles which crawl along with a fearsome cauldron on the back, all black tar and smoking foul vapours?… That’s this record, resurfacing your face. I think someone has taken a regular death metal album, dipped it in molten lava, set fire to it a couple times and then chucked it in a terminally ill washing machine with a bag of sick.

First time I listened was while driving through forsaken north Birmingham industrial estates at 3am, scratchy weeds clawing at metal fences, overpasses looming and a chimney belching deep charcoal fumes into the night… the perfect natural environment for these delightful sounds.

I put the new Gravetemple on after this, expecting quite the contrast, but actually they fit together really well-  from different angles approaching a similar, rarely trodden sonic wasteland of scorched yet malevolently unpredictable extremity. Gravetemple feels like noisy drone at heart, wired up with jerky, jittery rhythms, while Impetuous Ritual is a death metal terminator winched down into the radioactive industrial sludge, and this time pulling the kid in too.

At Reading Festival many many years ago, on the last night the raging heathens burnt down the blocks of portaloos. The next day, there was a revolting toxic slurry of charred plastic, fearsome chemicals, and whatever had been retched up or otherwise voided in there before the apocalyptic conflagration. This album smells EXACTLY like that morning. Astonishing.

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