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Steve Adey‘s third studio album, Do Me a Kindness, will be released on the 4th August 2017, via Grand Harmonium Records. The album contains nine cover songs including tracks by David Bowie, Morrissey, Nick Cave and more, plus an adaptation of a poem by Hermann Hesse. The album marks Steve’s first release in four years, following on from the critically acclaimed The Tower of Silence.

Today we bring you his captivating cover of PJ Harvey’s ‘The Devil’ exclusively. His take on the track is slower, bringing out the gothic elements, stripping back the instruments and highlighting her astounding lyrics. A slow builder, this one’s definitely for fans of the original but if you’re unfamiliar, as a standalone track it’s still totally hypnotic.

Do Me a Kindness was recorded in a 19th century Edinburgh church, with further tracking and mixing at Steve’s home studio utilising mostly vintage equipment. “I entered the studio (actually a church building) with 18-20 ideas, unformed and embryonic: it’s the same approach I’ve used for a while whereby the record takes on its own trajectory. We tried many variations of the songs and numerous musicians, mostly playing together in the room with warts and all.

Listen to Steve’s take on ‘The Devil’ here:

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