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L.M.I. stands for Lazy Middle-Class Intellectuals. They are a three-piece stoner punk/hardcore band from Lansdale, PA. They began, as a band in 2010 and this Friday June 16th will be releasing their second full-length album Far Beyond Nothing through Dullest Records (pre-order here). This album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Buckley (Cetus, Leavenworth, Drop Anchor) at Catapult Studios in North Wales, PA. FTG Illustrations created the artwork for this album. This album marks the sixth release for L.M.I. and it is somewhat of a departure from their debut full-length Sleepwalker, which was released through No Less Records in 2014.

Though some of the stoner/psychedelic vibe was kept on this album it is geared much more towards a fast paced aggressive hardcore sound. Mixing many different influences from punk/hardcore, stoner metal, stoner rock, and even goth and death rock at times. Accompanying the release of this album L.M.I. will be embarking on their first full US tour this July. A list of dates is below.

Ahead of the release date on Friday June 16th you can listen to the full stream of Far beyond Nothing here:

July 5th- AS220, Providence, RI
July 6th- Cherry Street Station, Waterbury, CT
July 7th- The Well, Brooklyn, NY
July 8th- Schoolkid Records, Raleigh, NC
July 9th- Highlands Taproom, Louisville, KY
July 10th- Purple Polilla, Knoxville, TN
July 11th- The Golden Pony, Harrisonburg, VA
July 12th- Radio Room, Greenville, SC
July 13th- Fresh Produce Music Hall, Macon, GA
July 14th- The Nick, Birmingham, AL
July 15th- Orileys, Dallas, TX
July 16th- The Mix, San Antonio, TX
July 17th- The Lost Well, Austin, TX
July 19th- Zodiac, Colorado Springs, CO
July 20th- Jam Spot, Albuquerque, NM
July 21st- FiftyOne West, Tempe, AZ
July 22nd- Bridgetown DIY, La Puente, CA
July 23rd- Lexington, Los Angeles, CA
July 27th- Hexagon Bar, Minneapolis, MN
July 28th- Cracken Cakes & More, Beach Park, IL
July 29th- The Workshoppe, Kent, OH

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