Wrong One to Fuck With by Dying Fetus

Release date: June 23, 2017
Label: Relapse Records

In spite of my reluctance to write reviews for technical brutal death metal, I did not feel ambivalence writing a review for Dying Fetus’ latest album entitled, Wrong One to Fuck With. I own their extensive back catalog and I’ve always considered them one of the better technical death metal bands in the scene today.

Compliments have rained down on Dying Fetus since the release of Wrong One to Fuck With. It is essentially the first Dying Fetus record that has made an impression on me since acquiring their back catalog some years ago. The band push the technical nature of their execution, but more importantly write some of the catchiest songs of their career.

There’s still plenty of slam sections, but they don’t prove that slam is essentially a sub-genre with lesser practitioners holding the banner. The band go into blast mode in a heartbeat, and the band play the most technical material they’ve made in years, all to the benefit of technical brutal death metal fans that don’t prefer technical wankery for its own sake.

It is an uncommonly productive year for prominent brutal death metal bands, this release being the second album released by an influential band this year, following Suffocation’s Of the Dark Light. Dying Fetus, like Suffocation, is still releasing quality material, the best in fact they’ve ever done. The slam sections prompt some inspired headbanging. I couldn’t stop listening to the album and this is notably the first technical death metal album I’ve enjoyed in a while.

None of the songs are entirely built on faster or slower sections. Wrong One to Fuck With sees some balanced songwriting throughout the album’s runtime. Listening to the album from start to finish isn’t hard to do. Fans who hate sweep picks will still find something to appreciate on Wrong One to Fuck With.

No highlights tracks for me to consider naming. The dynamics in the band’s songwriting process is in its sharpest and most lethal on Wrong One to Fuck With. I can’t see the band doing better than this album in coming releases, but Dying Fetus is certain to release another album that can prove cynics wrong.

There isn’t any perspective being cynical that justifies not checking out this album. The artwork is great, the music is suitably violent, and the nuance in riffs and tempo changes is outstanding. Clearly, the band is inspired to prove that technical death metal didn’t die years ago after the resurgence of the sub-genre forced lesser bands to hop on the trend. There’s more to the music than the riffs. The drumming is creative and precise, and the vocals, though deep and unintelligible, is performed with songwriting chops suiting the tempo and structure of the songs. 2017 may be death metal’s resurgence in a hugely popular time for genre-bending acts. The first album to consider whether this notion is accurate, is Dying Fetus’ Wrong One to Fuck With. Give technical brutal death metal a chance.

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