Jim by BØG

Release date: June 10, 2017
Label: Self-Released

2017 is shaping up to be a good year for aus heavy music. We’ve had Cascades, Adrift for Days, Plyers and Omahara have stuff coming out really soon (I’ll be covering Omahara too actually), and today I get to talk about one act completely devoted to fucking dee-stroying you. For today’s review, I give you the nauseous caged hate of blackened sludger’s BØG.

Recorded earlier this year, Jim is the band’s third ( I think?) release and a fucking mean one to boot. The release is a near 40 minutes of desolate unwavering desolation. The emotional landscape of the record, in terms of heavy bands, is just outstanding. With songs like fractured that really are just that full of heartache and pain, mixed with others like ‘Siding With King Mort’, which at points felt like the soundtrack to sleep paralysis. The whole offering is pretty much exactly what the album artwork provides you. Just a noisy venomous gut kick.

Themes wise, this record is just straight up claustrophobic and ugly. Not in a poser-ey way either, not the way people talk about some boring ass bands like they’re heavy and not just milque toast doom. This is the goods. I’ve said it before on other sites and to friends and I’ll say it again here now, I’m really selective about doom and sludge. It’s just totally contrived to me and odds are if I get flicked another run of the mill yawnfest doom album I’ll probably not bother listening to it. I have zero interest in anything big and polished, nor in anything “heavy” in the loud jock dickhead sense of the term. If I hear doom it needs to be crusty, it needs to be more from punk than metal, it needs be noise laden, it needs to be SINCERE!.

BØG is sincere, BØG is ugly, BØG is desolate. From the unsettling samples to when stuff like the howls hit you on tracks like ‘Peat For Scars’, it sends shivers up ya innards, it’s a total system shock, something that this band knows is a necessity when trying to express these ideas.

Listen to BØG or get murdered.

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