Be Prog! My Friend

Dates: June 30, 2017– July 1, 2017

With their new album, Malina, out in August and just weeks ahead of their appearance at Be Prog! My Friend, we caught up with Einar Solberg, the main composer and lead vocalist in Leprous.

(((o))): You are going on tour and have to share a bus and billing with another band performing at this year’s Be Prog! My Friend. Which band do you choose and why?

Einar: Devin Townsend Project of course! We already toured with them for seven weeks, and they’re lovely people and great performers! Also their pretty calm and down to earth, which suits us perfectly. In addition to all that, I think it’s a pretty good match musically.

(((o))): What can we expect from your set at Be Prog! My Friend? Will you be delving into your back catalogue? Do you have new material to play?

Einar: Yes, unfortunately we’ll be delving into our back catalogue, haha! As most of our fans probably know we do not relate much to our older stuff anymore. Especially now that we’re completely into the upcoming album Malina. At Be Prog however, we’ll make an exception and play songs from all our official albums after requests from our fans. The setlist will remain a secret.

(((o))): What are your first memories of Barcelona?

Einar: I think it was in 2007 when I was on vacation in Platja D’aro with some friends (TorO was one of them). Then I remember we took a day trip to Barcelona. I loved the city, but the moment was slightly spoiled by the pickpockets steeling 50 euros from me. From 2010 I’ve been to Barcelona almost every year with Leprous. 2010 with Therion at Razzmatazz, 2011 with Amorphis at Sala Bikini, 2012 at Razzmatazz, 2013 at Razzmatazz, 2015 at Be Prog & Razzmatazz, 2016 at AMFest and now 2017 again at Be Prog. Barcelona has become our second home, hehe.

(((o))): Do you consider yourself a prog band? If not, then which genre would you feel more comfortable associating with?

Einar: As mentioned many times in interviews, I don’t really care. People are free to define us as they please. Let the music speak!

(((o))): What’s the most unusual item on your rider and which band member is responsible for its inclusion?

Einar: I don’t think we have any very unusual items in our rider. The only thing I know is that we always end up with tons of soy milk and ginger ale on our tours. Oh, and we need TONS of sugar free soda for myself. Coca Cola Zero is the preference. Why does regular diet Coke still exist when we have Coke Zero???

Leprous play Be Prog! My Friend at 00:40, Saturday 1 July, 2017.

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