Pictures of The Floating World by Zeyn Mroueh

Release date: May 6, 2017
Label: Self-Released

Zeyn Mroueh, formerly of the Cypriot psychedelic rock band, Isaac’s Cello, is set to release his debut solo album, Pictures of The Floating World. The album is made up of 4 tracks, each telling its own story using guitar, synths, drums and recorded sounds and voices. Music and socio-political issues come together to create an introspective soundscape. It is music that makes you think, all the while sending you to that place good music often does.

The album begins with the track ‘Abu Yazan’. The track starts out with field recordings. You can hear birds chirping, people talking and dogs barking. A guitar starts, almost siren like, followed by cymbal crashes with toms and bass drums playing. Very reminiscent of GY!BE. It is very orchestral. At the 5:28 mark everything quiets down and a clean guitar starts playing. Peace over the chaos.

The track, ‘Low|Key’, begins with synth sounds and a delayed voice. It is very spacey and vast. The voice then comes into view, talking about the injustice during a peaceful protest. The recordings were created by author and activist, Linda Tirado and were made during the 2014 Ferguson riots in Missouri, USA.

The third track, ‘In the Midst of the Willows’, is an unexpected change from the rest of the album. There are no drums, synths or recorded sounds used, only guitars. One guitar playing with lots of beautiful reverb and another playing tremolo style. The contrast in guitar styles really adds a majestic and regal feel to the track.

The album then ends on, ‘Industrial Action. Industrial Oceans’. The track takes you on a journey of multi-layered synth drones with hills and valleys. The guitar and affected voice recordings add yet another dimension to the track. The drone changes and morphs and at around the 5:31 mark, panning from left to right begins. The effect on the senses is pretty intense and trippy. It’s as if the drone is a living animal and the affected voice that interjects from time to time sits in the middle of all this. It’s a great way to end the album.

With this album, Zeyn Mroueh stays true to his psychedelic rock roots and band influences such as GY!BE. The album is trippy and vast, allowing the imagination to run free. It’s you and the music and nothing else. A great debut album.

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