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Battleground Records expands the label’s diverse roster once again, welcoming Salt Lake City-based exploratory sludge/math metal trio, The Ditch And The Delta, and is preparing to issue the band’s Hives In Decline debut LP.

Engineered by Andy Patterson of Subrosa, Hives In Decline shows The Ditch And The Delta exploring further aspects of sound design, and features a swarm of solos by Gentry Densley (Eagle Twin, Iceburn) on the song ‘Fuck On Asphalt’. Battleground Records will issue the record on LP and digital formats on May 12th. Preorders are available here.

The Ditch And The Delta formed out of three friends of nearly fifteen years. While guitarist/vocalist Elliot Secrist and drummer Charles Bogus have played in bands together sporadically over that span of time, it was the addition of bassist/vocalist Kory Quist that solidified the band and their sound. Within their first year, The Ditch And The Delta had released the four-song We Rust EP to glowing reviews at Decibel, Hellbound, and No Echo, among others, and toured the western US. They have shared the stage with, Call Of The Void, Lord Dying, Eagle Twin, Iceburn, The Sword, Kowloon Walled City, Castle, The Atlas Moth, Kayo Dot, and Dust Moth to name a few, and supported SubRosa on a leg of one of their tours.

The devil is in the details with The Ditch And The Delta. The expanded harmony and tension, as well as the unique rhythms are, in part, due to Secrist’s studies and degree in Jazz Composition. The band calls their brand of sludgy/noise/doom, “Big Riff”. Employing different tunings, and modal centers, every song the band writes manages to avoid many of the usual doom trappings of excessive feedback, static harmony, and pentatonic riffs. The lyrical content deals with everyday life and the constant suppression and alienation that comes with it. Three men from Mormon-dominated Utah are bound to have a lot of resentment and disdain for the mono culture they exist in daily.

Listen to the track ‘Sleeping Dogs’ here:

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