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“Solos are masturbation and melody is overrated. We’re sick of four to the floor. Somewhere between Tool, Thrice and Deftones is where we play. who we are doesn’t matter, what does is the kolektiv.” This is how this mysterious Belgian music collective describes themselves on their Facebook page. Mysterious as they don’t want to be known by their names, and they don’t do band photos. If you want to see their faces you just have to go to one of their gigs.

With the help of Consouling Agency they will release their self-titled album on June 9th. You can listen to the stream of their next single ‘elevator’ below.

If you are in Belgium you can catch the band live on one of these dates:

19.05.2017 Set-up, Ternat (+The Sideshow Tragedy)
24.05.2017 Cahier de Brouillon, Hoogstraten (acoustic +Emma Ruth Rundle)
27.05.2017 Den Drummer, Gent
10.06.2017 Cirque Mystic, Aalst (RELEASESHOW +Hypochristmutreefuzz)
24.06.2017 De Kleine Kunst, Gent (RELEASESHOW +Elefant) 21.07.2017 Nachtmis, Ternat 18.11.2017 Zigzag, Merksplas

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