Fuzz Club Session by The Entrance Band

Release date: May 26, 2017
Label: Fuzz Club Records

The Entrance Band is an LA-based psych rock trio comprised of Guy Blakeslee (Entrance), Paz Lenchantin (Pixies), and Derek James. This Fuzz Club Session was recorded live onto 2″ tape and has three original songs plus a tripped out cover of The Seeds’ ‘Can’t Seem To Make You Mine’.

These new songs differ from previous howling acid rock and instead focus on dreamier elements. ‘Orange You Glad’ (dig the play on words) is one such case, almost reminding me of REM’s instrumental ventures back in the day, with laid back guitar and soft percussion. ‘Seedless Easy Peeler’ starts off with metronomic bass that could have been lifted from ‘I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night’, only it’s paired with murky, hallucinogenic guitar that seems way back in the mix. It stretches out past eight minutes and you will be day trippin’ before too long as its mesmeric groove winds you tight.

As the song meanders past you, it slowly ramps up the energy, and finally wraps things up. ‘Thunderstorm in Ladbroke Grove’ is the final selection in my playlist (which differs from the actual running order of this session) and it too is lengthy, but nothing is wasted here. It’s quieter and more contemplative, and it’s easy to picture yourself in a beautiful place on a summer’s day, just blissing out to the psychedelic splendor of this track.

In short, this is an interesting venture from a talented group of musicians.

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