Kingdom Of The Grave by Sigil

Release date: April 7, 2017
Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Sigil’s much anticipated first full length album Kingdom Of The Grave Was released last April through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Sigil is one of the premier metal bands in the area and I can attest that everyone was extremely excited for this release.

The album starts with an intense opening song ‘Death Unreal’, complete with horrifying church bells to create the atmosphere of the darkened metal about to take place. The very first thing I notice is the guitars. Amazing technical sound of the ripping death metal guitars. Complete with fast yet sludgy break downs throughout the song and album. The two guitars complement each other and don’t get overly technical or get in the way. The next song, ‘Even the Gods Will Burn’, has a bad ass break down towards the end of the song that shows the talent of the song writing that Sigil did for this album. The vocals are intense and bring out blackened death intensity and rawness.

The title track ‘Kingdom Of The Grave’ breaks up the album with a viola solo done by Eva Aldridge of Dead To A Dying World. A very cool way to integrate a different sound and instrument to another wise familiar line up in blackened death. It brings out a certain emotion that changes the way you listen to the rest of the album. I really love when the whole band comes in with the viola in the background, and the band goes off into a cadence to pick the pace up, and shred some more guitars.

The song ends with my favorite of the 8 tracks, ‘Death Won’t Kill Me’. A bit slower than the rest of the songs, there is a classic sound embracing classic death metal bands such as Morbid Angel and the like. It literally makes me want to air-guitar the breakdown part, and maybe even blast the volume real high in my car. It’s definitely the ripper of the songs on the album for me. The song has a critical guitar solo towards the end that is absolutely perfect to wrap this up.

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