Second Sun by Papernut Cambridge

Release date: March 31, 2017
Label: Eggs in Aspic

Things are getting weird at Eggs in Aspic HQ, ‘Second Sun’ the new EP from Papernut Cambridge, offers up some of the most eclectic and fucked-up music the label has put out to date. It’s a really nice album to listen to…

The title track, ’Second Sun’ starts this thing off in an endearing and engrossing fashion, the vocals are immensely catchy and evocative of the times we live in. It’s strange how whacky things slowly get but, whilst I can see other people getting put off by that; I feel like it’s kind of perfect. I love the duality of the psychedelia and the kind of like Nebraksa vibe that they have going on. I have to say despite some of my friends really not getting it at all; I completely adore the vocals on this track. It’s like awakening your sense to mundanity to create something mystifying and majestic and amazing.

‘The Tragic Hills’ instills itself in the listener with a weird, timeless quality like some song you remember from a movie from the 60s but, have no idea what it is. Literally, you could have showed me a music video for this in any decade of the past fifty years and I’d like it but have fuck all chance of placing it.

When I first heard ‘Never Fall in Love with The Ghost of A Feeling’ I thought of that episode of The Big Lez Show where they trip on magic mushrooms, if you’ve not seen it, go and watch it, I’ll wait. Seriously. It’s the best representation of a psychedelic experience I’ve ever seen. Extra points for the cartoonish take on existentialism; as Lez watches himself get drawn on Microsoft Paint. This track beautifully matches that disassociated, psychotropic episode with style and panache.

Speaking of disassociation and psychedelic experiences, ‘Lose Him’ sheds its folksy skin and amps up the scales of its reptilian, whacktastic lysergia. Eschewing gentler guitar work and vocals for overdriven abrasion and distorted cacophony; it’s a

‘Second Sun II’ to me succeeds as the proper finalé to the album. It’s a washed-out, minor take on the original; casting a sombre reflection over the good times like remembering a drunk night sober or some blissful relationship now in ruins. You remember those moments of being tangled in each other; now you’re just tangled up inside, stomach in knots and you’re alone because the one part of you that made sense was a part of someone else who got you. This soured take on the track drags the listener through the sand and glass of a paralytic walk home from sketchy night out; feeling and living the barbs with little but a twisted sense of everything out of sorts. Nothing is quite right. The Second Sun returns for a second time and it feels weird and unnatural but, for some reason that adds a lot of poignancy to me in a fairly laid-back listen. It’s good.

I find it interesting that the ‘Lose Him’ (reprise) is just kind of tacked on the end it; it adds this feeling of your journey being over or whatever and you need a little more music and it just pops it’s little head out to say “hello”. Reminds me of the way people used to do hidden bonus tracks like ten minutes later or whatever.

Papernut Cambridge’s ‘Second Sun’ is a weird album and I think it’s great; kudos to Eggs in Aspic for adding yet another stellar release to their catalogue.

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