Satanic Slavery by Necrowretch

Release date: April 14, 2017
Label: Season of Mist

Necrowretch haven’t deviated from the style they started out doing, and for fans of Necrowretch, this is great news.

Necrowretch has just released a new album called Satanic Slavery, and the music here is mostly uptempo old-school death metal bangers. I genuinely loved it most of the time. It reflects on my diversified tastes that at times, it sounded too safely old school Necrowretch.

Which, of course, sounds asinine. If you loved it a few times, why didn’t you love it every single listen? The answer: folks are moody. When I eagerly anticipated listening to Satanic Slavery, it butchered me to bits. When I felt like listening to something else, it sounded same-ish.

Which goes to show, reviews don’t always tell the story, or that reviews are always subjective. If you loved older Necrowretch releases, Satanic Slavery might just become your favorite album of theirs. If you never liked them much, it might still win you over. They charge blastbeats and hurl guitars and kitchen sink at listeners on most of the tempos here, and that is almost always certain to attract fans of kvlt metal.

Not to mention, the album cover rules. If uptempo death metal is your thing, don’t listen to skeptics who claim they’ve done this too many times before. My impression is, if the mood fits, Necrowretch’s Satanic Slavery knocks it out of the park, and that my friends is my heartfelt opinion.

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