Emptiness by Intrinsic Light

Release date: April 26, 2017
Label: Self-Released





Recorded earlier this year and self released like all good music done should, Emptiness is the 8th release by Intrinsic Light. The release shows the duo bringing their usual mixture of eastern influenced minimal black metal/noise with the added joy of some extra fun textures thrown into the mix. (it’s a whistle or a record or something, I’m not sure).

The music flows between sections of spacious acoustic/electric settings into pure bliss-out black metal (think Glenn Branca style conclusions). In the blissful sections you have something really rare on offer, which is “noise” people making landscapes with instruments. For example everyone and their lame post-whatever band will talk about how “crushing and landscape driven” their music might be. But realistically, what’s on offer with Intrinsic Light is so much closer to that than a “band” band could ever hope for. Whilst you’re probably hearing non band people have a band output so it’s not as at the forefront of their creation as it would be in the noiz/experimental thing, the natural need to explore sound is so ingrained in the players that it becomes a part of what’s happening in spite of not being the total goal. DELIGHTFUL.

Also on the subject of “crushing” bands, this band at its peak black metal is heavy in the truest meaning of the word. But with how positive and love filled it all is, you’re really being presented with a heavier concept than lame ass harrowing metal cliché. You’re being presented with the idea that mindfulness, compassion and love (a big one) is in itself such a great domineering force, you’re actually at the mercy of the sheer destructive power of the love and light of the universe. Which if you consider this and think about particular deities in Hinduism, concepts and ideas like Moksha, ego death etc. Having a band swap out Cthulhu for Shiva the destroyer is just so so cool.

Production wise, it’s perfect. As the members are all vets of the Melbourne experimental circuit, it’s the scratchy lo-fi perfection this music absolutely needs for its full effect. Aesthetically, it makes one think of a creative process more focused on capturing the energy in a room fast and stress free so less of the focus goes on the polish and more on just whats being captured, much like listening to bands like Fraudband, xNOBBQx or the Dead C (which is some of the best music out of Australis / New Zealand ever). But in the same way as mentioned above about the things with the space, nothing is lost in the production. It almost becomes a tool of personalising and separating from homogenous concepts of spaciousness or heaviness.

One thing worth mentioning, black metal on an aesthetic based level becomes unappealing super fast (at least for me). In a normal rawk band context, stuff like Om, SC3 or Liturgy was always on a higher level to me than others who recycle the same base level ideas that come from most metal genres without ever attempting to expand on/personal any aspect of it. With that, the esotericism on display, is exactly my cup of tea. The way it’s delivered is not only insightful and inspiring, but it’s also humble and free of pretence. It really presents some great spiritual ideas in a way that’s not based around an air of self imposed intellectual exile. It’s more akin to that idea of having a whimsical understanding of the true nature of being, than any gaudy faux intellectual bullshit.

What makes this band so impressive to me is how heavily the concepts and lyrics deal with spiritual transcendence and that the truths of the universe lie in the surface level absurd contradictive states of perceived reality (or I could be completely full of shit, I have no idea that’s just what I gather from it) and of course that it’s done in such a personal way, just remarkable.

So that’s all I’ve got on this, Intrinsic Light are amazing, go get their albums from Bandcamp, feel the love.

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