Soul Structure by Higher Power

Release date: May 19, 2017
Label: Flatspot Revords

Over the past few years, Leeds based hardcore band Higher Power have been making a name for themselves with their crunching hardcore anthems and the band have gained plaudits for their fearsome live show that exudes energy and now they bring you their anticipated first album.

With their debut, Soul Structure, they will certainly gain a higher profile when hardcore fans and beyond check this album out. Mixing East Coast hardcore grooves (think NYHC meets that Boston style) with a looser and more riffy LA vibe a la Suicidal Tendencies and topping it off with a UK hardcore grit, Higher Power have captured the insanity of their live shows on this album without a doubt with the songs on here gaining a crisp and vital sound that tops off the already top notch tracks on the release.

Massive breakdowns, gang vocals and singalongs, spiky riffs and a natural groove are the order of the day here in true hardcore style. The energy literally explodes from the speakers as you are listening to the album with songs like the explosive opening track ‘Can’t Relate’, the majestic ‘Between Concrete And Sky’ and the berserk ‘Embrace’ sounding immense as they blast out and the bands heavy, grooving nature certainly stands out as they do.

There is also an air of melody running through Soul Structure too that works well with that heavy nature of the band’s music, just listen to the songs ‘Balance’, ‘Hole’ and ‘Reflect’  for proof, yes they are nothing but hardcore in nature, but have a catchiness to them too especially in the vocals and this adds to the overall vibe of the songs.

As the album ends with the anthemic ‘You Ain’t Much’, it has been a blistering ride from start to finish and flies through a lot quicker than you think and you cannot help but be nothing other than enthralled by the whole experience. You also cannot help but feel energised and inspired by the bands powerful music. The music on Soul Structure definitely evokes the spirit of classic hardcore from the early 80s right through to the modern day through its very vibe, positivity and energy and as with all good hardcore, that is definitely an infectious thing.

Above all though, this is an album that is cater made for a live environment with each of the tracks ready made for good old fashioned chaos on the dancefloor and when a Higher Power unleash tracks from Soul Structure on stage, you know there’s going to be trouble in the best possible way.

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