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Notorious hack frauds BRITNEY have returned with a rubbish new single that is sure to absolutely ruin your day. The overrated Edinburgh three-piece are hard at working crafting their fourth studio album BRITNEY4EVER (release date TBC), following the inexplicably positive reception to last year’s BRITN3Y (Superstar Destroyer Records), and have released ‘Welcome To Britney (Your Gateway To Pleasure)’ via Beef Wellington Enterprises as a taster, with a stylish accompanying T-shirt designed by Jessica Jumpers of Manchester.

The thoroughly unpleasant song has been the band’s set-opener for some time, and serves as a concise one-minute summary of the BRITNEY sound: “over the course of the last 3 albums, we’ve done a lot of growing and self-evaluating”, says lead vocalist Stewart McLachlan, “we wanted to put a cherry on top of it all by writing a song that crammed the different elements of our sound into one minute of sexy chaos. The end result is absolute garbage, so mission accomplished!”

The digital single comes with three bonus tracks and an accompanying essay by Melvin Smellvin, PhD. The song’s music video, produced in collaboration with internationally-acclaimed director Hubert Moss, represents the band’s commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology and fashion into their art. “One of the things that unified us when we first started the band was our love for fashion”, says McLachlan, “In fact, I’d say I’m more heavily influenced as a musician by Ralph Lauren than any musical artist. Hubert understood this and we spent a lot of time working on the wardrobe and set design. This video affirms our robust connection to the fashion world.”

BRITNEY can be seen live at this year’s ArcTanGent festival alongside a line-up of infinitely superior bands such as SikTh, Converge and TesseracT, as well as on tour up and down the UK throughout the remainder of 2017.

‘Welcome To Britney (Your Gateway To Pleasure)’ is available through the band’s Bandcamp page. Watch the video for exclusively here:


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