Raw Rock Fury by Ecstatic Vision

Release date: April 7, 2017
Label: Relapse Records

For those who remember that very first time they heard the primal fury of MC5’s Kick Out The Jams, or the freewheeling rock and roll spirit of The Stooges masterpiece Funhouse, will no doubt still be feeling the repercussions of what must equate to flying close to this thing we love so much. Ever since Elvis rattled his hips on television, that idea of unleashed mayhem has guided rock and roll to some curious places, and depending on your idea of rockism in these modern days, may or may not continue to be the thing that makes you feel alive.

ALIVE! It’s a great word. It’s a feeling, and the best music makes you feel it. It’s that sense of freedom, release from everyday worries, like nothing else matters. It’s a force of nature which comes in many forms. Usually it retains some sense of grounding, other times like on those aforementioned albums, it becomes something else altogether. It’s these moments that Ecstatic Vision encapsulate so well on their second album, Raw Rock Fury. Even the title is naked in its pronouncement.

At four-ish songs long, Raw Rock Fury is a furious ball of energy, delivered through a garage rock rattle with more than a side order of heavy psych. Wild harmonica and saxophone pitch in, creating a swirl of music which never lets up from beginning to end. It’s the sound of life on the edge, as if you stand on the cliff edge of all rock and roll life, taking in the air. Breathe deep and you can taste the party, the danger, the excitement.

With little in the way of progression throughout the album, nuances are few and far between but then again, that’s the point. Note the moment the sax dissolves into the wailing guitar on ‘Electric Step’. It reaches a tumultuous, almost orgasmic climax, before once again the riff revs up for another boogie down the highway of hell. The album is one big glorious moment of rock and roll, souped up to the max. All you are really left with are superlative metaphors and sayings. Hey, we never said this shit was original!

If you have ever felt that burning heart of rock and roll then Ecstatic Vision have delivered a treat, a sermon if you will. It’s almost religious fervour cutting through the swathes of mediocrity, channelling that inner spirit of Iggy Pop and delivering it for a new generation. Many will turn away, afraid to travel the path. If you do, be sure to shout about it, spread the word. Tell all of your own Ecstatic Vision. It’s a glorious thing!

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