Interequinox by Dødsengel

Release date: May 19, 2017
Label: Debemur Morti Productions

I can’t stop listening to this record! I just can’t. As good as any black metal albums you’ve heard this year, Dødsengel doesn’t scavenge through second wave black metal history to find inspiration for its latest full-length release entitled Interequinox. These guys should be proud.

Experimental black metal bands wonder at just how to write intriguing, but accessible music that rounds out quality from every perspective. Dødsengel includes a variety of refreshing elements on Interequinox, but they don’t do so at the expense of a casual listener’s attempt at appreciation of their music. The band will win you over with big hooks, but the occasional progressive qualities bring beauty unmatched by most bands that venture so far.

The guitar riffs occasionally scale brilliance, and the tremolo picked sections are not simple guitar wash-outs meant to simulate background music. Instead, the band shows plenty of songwriting chops and multitudes of quality riffs that you can listen to repeatedly without boredom setting in. Count this in my top twenty list for best black metal albums this year. There’s more to the music than good riffs.

There are the vocals – some experimentation on clean singing that wins you over because the vocalist sings so beautifully. There is the songwriting dynamics – the songs build to a climax, or suit moods perfectly as the songs evolve in structure. There are the lyrics – like a puzzle meant to pique interest, the band sings about some interesting subject matter. In fact, I could go on about how interesting the soundscape on Interequinox presents, but I’d rather Echoes and Dust fans hear it for themselves.

Interequinox isn’t watered down to facile accessibility after all. The tracks don’t simulate sameness with a clear formulaic songwriting style. Instead, the songs evolve in structure without playing stanza-chorus-stanza of a predictable nature. There are no veritable hit songs. Just a steady stream of quality riffs and quality transitions in a seamless, structured, but somewhat accessible body of work.

If a man tells you Interequinox is beautiful, you may doubt it at face value, but investigate whether this assertation is true. If two people say it, you might re-consider should you have raised doubts on the first man’s credibility. But, If another man tells you Interequinox shattered their frail souls like a hammer besieging a prison of mirrors, do listen to the album and do try to see the value in their elaboration of just why this album is one of the best this year.

Dødsengel doesn’t strike many as infallible in reputation, so support this band and spread the word on just how good they’ve become. They’ve always been an intriguing band, and Interequinox should usher in more fans to hear their music. This presents as great crossover niche black metal, appealing to melodic fans, pagan/folk fans, progressive fans, or plain black metal fans altogether. Interequinox strikes me as intelligently-rendered and carefully constructed. Dødsengel hone their craft so intricately on Interequinox, I am tempted to name this their breakthrough. Stream now and witness a geyser of potential breaking through the surface of expectation. Exalt Dødsengel now.

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