Embryonic Devils by Crypt Rot

Release date: April 28, 2017
Label: Southern Lord Records

Perhaps people have underestimated Southern Lord’s propensity to find obscure underground bands that fit their genre-bending tastes. Perhaps All Pigs Must Die has securely anchored the label’s franchise in recent years. No matter the circumstances, Southern Lord is still a dependable label for fans who love bands that mix d-beat, punk, hardcore, even a little death metal and black metal. This time, the nice surprise comes in the form of their latest find, the band Crypt Rot and their debut full-length release, Embryonic Devils.

Crypt Rot hardly dialed-up my expectations, but one listen to Embryonic Devils reveals a band with enormous potential. They lack no firepower on their stellar debut album, blasting in grindcore mode, mixing d-beat and punk riffs and mixing ambient and acoustic melodies in an addictive cacophony of elements that just screams heavy! Heavy music for fans who couldn’t care less about genre specificity. Southern Lord has struck gold once more!

Perhaps for parody, more for caring little about what people have to say about them, the bandmembers pose in facepaint black metal style on promo pictures. It matters little if you consider that their music is just super effin good! So heavy, Embryonic Devils will blow a hole through your tweeters at 50 decibels.

I could care less what the band looks like after a listen to Embryonic Devils. Truth is, the band have earned the artistic license to discredit their doubters by posing as a band that care little about what the skeptics have to say. Their sample music on segues 1-5 are innovative, and track eight, ‘Pit of Morbidity’, hits me hard with its acoustic and slow bluesy lead guitar to contrast their steady hand at guiding the moshpit.

Of course, had segues 1-5 not been tolerable, I would have wished for more heavy music from the band, but they get away with it. The sampled vocals are a nice touch, and the acoustic segments are well-written, and are used at the right occasions.

So, if Devin Townsend defined the term heavy as a really heavy thing for fans who didn’t know how to label his music, Crypt Rot don’t need the injustice of genre tags. Embryonic Devils is a blast to listen to, from the very first time the gritty, super-heavy guitar rips through your ear canal, to the moment the band end things with intensity on album closer, ‘Internal Organ Feast’. Feast on this slew of metal treats! Southern Lord is back, and with Crypt Rot, they have a band that won’t need to deliver the goods later because they deliver the goods now!

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