Be Prog! My Friend

Dates: June 30, 2017– July 1, 2017

Ahead of Be Prog! My Friend, taking place in Barcelona this summer, we’ll be running a series of short pieces in which Gaz Cloud asks the same questions to different bands on the bill. It’s down to Jim Grey, the lead vocalist and founder member of Caligula’s Horse, to launch both the preview and the event itself: the Australian proggers will grace the stage first at this year’s festival.

(((o))): You’re going on tour and have to share a bus and billing with another band performing at this year’s Be Prog! My Friend. Which band do you choose and why?

Jim: For me it’d have to be Devin Townsend Project – I’ve been a fan of Devin’s work for a long time, and Transcendence is an absolute masterpiece, so getting to watch that show every night would be a treat. Plus, I get the feeling that particular road trip would be fun as hell.

(((o))): What can we expect from your set at Be Prog! My Friend? Will you be delving into your back catalogue? Do you have new material to play?

Jim: Since this is our first time playing for our fans in Spain, we’re putting together something of a map of the C-Horse journey. There’ll be something from every one of our albums, and hopefully some brand spanking unreleased material too.

(((o))): What are your first memories of Barcelona?

Jim: I’m sorry to say that I’ve never been! But it’s a city I’m definitely looking forward to visiting (let alone playing in) so you’ll have to point us in the direction of the best places to be.

(((o))): Do you consider yourself a prog band? If not, then which genre would you feel more comfortable associating with?

Jim: We definitely fit into that prog niche – music that’s a little left of centre, bringing some new ideas and sounds to the musical conversation. It’s a space I’m more than happy to occupy, creating good art for its own sake.

(((o))): What’s the most unusual item on your rider and which band member is responsible for its inclusion?

Jim: Oh god, we’re so boring, I mean it. The closest will be room temperature waters for me, really. So I’ll have to make something up… how about “A green-room-wall-sized topographical map of Australia detailed only in the finest cocaine.” For real though, we’re usually down for an early night and up for some historic tourism, so… super boring!

Caligula’s Horse play Be Prog! My Friend at 17:15, Friday 30 June, 2017.

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