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Time for something truly crushing – utterly hairy metal in the form of Canadian youngsters Unbowed, and their new LP Through Endless Tides. For fans of Behemoth, Amorphis, Einherjer, Amon Amarth and more, Unbowed tread the line between epic death metal, black metal, and with just the tiniest hint of some pagan metal as well.

A band who’ve already played alongside Battlecross, Einherjer, The Contortionist, these barely twenty-year-olds demonstrate a maturity beyond their years. Telling the story of resistance against the ‘endless tides’, the band’s new release is a masterful and brutal journey. Virtuosic guitars, battle-cry musical textures, and apocalyptic vocals – not a half-hearted listen.

The band says about the album: “Through Endless Tides is an album we set out to create since the band’s inception. We never wished to be painted into a genre-defined corner. With this release we’ve truly found a way to naturally represent our wide array of inspirations; allowing them to manifest into a sound that is entirely and uniquely our own. Unbowed is music about acknowledging and tackling the hardships provided by the human condition. We all witness and experience strife and adversity at an alarming rate in this age. Unbowed is about wading through the transitory aspects of life and preserving what is true, what keeps us ambitious, and what keeps us united. We hope you join us.”

Through Endless Tides will be released on May 19th and is available for pre-order through here. Listen to the full stream here:

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