Oh Deer God by Widows

Release date: April 14, 2017
Label: UMC Recordings

Nottingham’s Widows do what more bands definitely should do. And that is worship at the altar of the mighty Clutch, with the Maryland bruisers seemingly the biggest influence on the Widows sound with their massive blues infused grooves a big factor on the big sound that prevails through Oh Deer God.

Widows have been bubbling under for a number of years with their riffy sound and with this release, which follows on from their 2012 debut album Death Valley Duchess, it looks like they have cracked it with a collection of big songs with even bigger riffs. As soon as the albums self titled opening track erupts with a heady mix of fuzzed out energy and chunky riffs it is clear that the listener is in for a hell of a ride. Riffs after riffs after riffs collide with each other as well as that heavy blues influence and a stoner rock vibe that gives the band’s music a sense of freedom to create a rhythm of pure sonic excess.

Songs like the well named ‘Caffeine And Hatred’, ‘Venom And Heresy’ and ‘Baron Greenback Blues’ all have powerful riffs as their backbone, but that loose groove that allows the songs to roam freely and naturally and are all memorable pieces of work. ‘Blue Tina’ is the album’s centrepiece, a monstrous sounding track with a galloping riff and that fuzzed out guitar sound, which are the standout moments on such a massive song and anchors the whole album which is a head nodding blast of a record.

As well as Clutch bands like Monster Magnet, St Vitus and Kyuss and their various offshoots all seem like likely influences and these are the usual suspects, but if you’re going to borrow from bands, then you may as well borrow from the best there is and ever has been. But far from being mere stoner rock rip off merchants, Widows have their own heavy trip going in with the songs being brilliantly realised and brought to life and the elements of the bands mentioned seem to be there in spirit more than sound.

As Oh Deer God triumphantly fades out with the blissful ‘Germanium Blues’, it is obvious that Widows have made the album that they have always wanted to make and have the freedom to do so. One listen to this album will make you appreciate it in all its fuzzed out glory and make you want to hail the riffs that the band emit.

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