Into The Long Night by The Sonic Dawn

Release date: April 21, 2017
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Regardless of how well this second album from Danish psych rockers The Sonic Dawn fared as it progressed, we could rest easy knowing that for four or so glorious minutes at the start in ‘Emily Lemon’ they have made one of the great pop psych songs. All driving bass, sparkling guitars and urgent vocals, it is one of those songs which is destined to become an indie dance-floor classic (at least if they still existed). Thankfully, although it does remain the true high point of the album, there is much more to enjoy here.

Unashamedly revivalist, The Sonic Dawn hark back to the analog sounds of the late 60’s. With a production that places the album within a certain context, and songs which build on wonderful melodies and pop structures, there is nothing that is new here, but that isn’t really the point. You come here to have a good time and The Sonic Dawn are certainly going to help you do that.

Equal parts swagger and perfect poise, they sway between rockier songs like ‘Six Seven’ and more trippier fare such as ‘l’Espion’ with consummate ease. They hit the funk when digging into ‘On The Shore’, all early Small Faces without the mod aspect to tie them down whilst on ‘As Of Lately’ they give it their best impression of any number of garage bands on Nuggets. Close your eyes and you can almost be back there, in that time of freedom, peace and good drugs.

On ‘Numbers Blue’ they outdo rock giants Kasabian with a funky little number which reminds of the latter’s ‘Fire’, but with infinitely more swagger when that guitar kicks in. The vocals are bluesy, full of passion and playful, like a young Eric Burdon. All that is missing is the tambourine and the handclaps. You dig? You certainly will.

The band will have their detractors for being so revivalist, but let your mind drift and cut away inhibitions and you have a great album which begs for repeated plays. In fact, the more you listen, the more layers you peel off which can only ever be a good thing. It’s got melody, songs, passion and most of all, graceful fun. Heavy Psych Sounds Records hit the jackpot with this new release and in a fair world we should hear more of The Sonic Dawn.

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