Wrong Festival

Dates: April 22, 2017– April 22, 2017

I’m coming back to Liverpool from the big smoke for one weekend in April and here’s why:

Wrong Festival. April 22nd 2017. Liverpool Docklands.










If this selection of bands I’ve picked out doesn’t absolutely tantalise you to the point of salivating, then go away and listen to the bands because you’ve either not heard them or you know it’s gonna be a fucking sick gig. Hell, go to my page and you’ll see that I’ve reviewed most of these before; whether it be USA Nails and Pocket Apocalypse at ArcTanGent or Evil Blizzard’s mind blowing show with Taman Shud and The Fierce and The Dead or even, Cattle’s explosive debut album. I love these fucking bands. And, the sad thing about them is that they exist in the vast majority of music on the dark side of the moon that is exposure in the modern industry; these are the bands to hear if you want something fresh and exciting. These are the bands to see if you want to watch a show that will reinvigorate your love for live music (especially, looking at you Evil Blizzard and you, Part Chimp!).

If this all sounds like something you’re into, I’m now going to attempt to explain to you what each act is in words and why I think you should see them, bare in mind that this is only my favourite of the bands playing and I hope to discover new favourites there; I will also be writing up one band I discover purely through listening to the links offered by the festival in order to ascertain who my sleeper-pick is:

BO NIGNEN: Are headlining Wrong Fest for a reason. They’re a completely idiosyncratic voice in music and one which lends itself very well to mind-bending psyche festivals very well. I highly recommend their stunningly chaotic videos; they perfectly represent how mesmerising the group is and if you’re off your nut, they will make you lose your shit.

The WYTCHES: The Wytches remind of the early work of both Black Sabbath and Marilyn Manson. I really don’t think I could possibly hype these to anyone any better. There’s some serious potential there.

HECK: A lot of you probably saw this band on the line-up and said “fucking hell, it’s Heck!” And you’d be right to be excited, Heck are yet another band on the line-up that are making this year’s Wrong Festival have a serious pedigree in this year’s Merseypsyche Derby. Only time will tell who wins.

THE COSMIC DEAD: On their Bandcamp, The Cosmic Dead are described as “a psychonautal cosmodelic buckfaustian quartet from Glasgow, Scotland”…and I think that’s probably the most beautiful and apt summation of the group anyone is going to offer up. It’s riled-up, facemelting psyche with a hard, stoner edge. And in that sense, I guess they reflect their fanbase well. Sehr gut.

EVIL BLIZZARD: Evil Blizzard are one of the most unique and entertaining live acts I’ve ever seen. They’re the sort of band that can reinvigorate your interest in gigs; simply by virtue of using a theatrical pantomime approach to their shows to make crowd participation into an art form. I don’t wanna give too much away but they’re excellent musicians and the sort of band that you will love to pretend to hate. It’s all part of the show.

PART CHIMP: I know a few people who consider Part Chimp amongst the best live bands they’ve ever seen. ‘Nuff said.

CATTLE: I reviewed Cattle’s debut LP for Echoes and Dust last year and I thought it was fucking brilliant. I did strongly suggest the angriest tour in the world of Cattle, Sex Swing, Pigs x7 and Gnod last year and so far it looks like I’ll be seeing all of those bands separately in 2017 but, Cattle’s appearance on the line-up for Wrong Festival for me was actually a major draw; I’d actually say Cattle, Evil Blizzard and Part Chimp are the bands that looking up the line-up made me think “fucking hell, I have to go back to Merseyside”.

POCKET APOCAYLPSE: The first time I saw Pocket Apocalypse was ArcTanGent 2015, I really enjoyed their set but, I have to say I’m really intrigued to see how they’ve evolved since I last saw them; they have an incredible amount of potential as a band.

USA NAILS: Listen to the new stuff from USA Nails; it’s fucking great and the video they just released is something special as well. I think I’ll be less fucked up this time I see them, which should probably be good so, I’m looking forward to experiencing them a lot more aware of what’s going on with their performance and frankly, I’m really excited to see the new stuff performed live and I hope this preview leads you to be excited for them as well.

MY SLEEPER PICK: THE HYENA KILL: After careful deliberation; having listened to everything I’d never heard before once; this two piece fucking blew me away. I watched their ‘Still Sick’ video and thought it was incredible and somewhat reminiscent of Red Fang but, I adored how heavy and adrenaline-fuelled the music was. A pure bolt of electricity that I’m very excited to experience in a live setting.

This is going to be one of the key festivals this year for freaks, geeks and weirdos and I’m sure I’ll see you all there. I’m not very good at goodbyes so taking inspiration from the festival’s celebration of the “freak scene”, I wanna leave you with this link to Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr. because I believe that it is paramount to maintain a never ending cycle of good music:

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