Nightmare Logic by Power Trip

Release date: February 24, 2017
Label: Southern Lord Records

Power Trip have been gaining momentum ever since they released their debut album Manifest Decimation in 2013, gaining new fans not only with that album but also their fearsome live show. Building up from their debut, Power Trip have honed their sound, making it even faster and heavier and now unleash their formidable new album Nightmare Logic.

Much like kindred spirits Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust, Power Trip are rooted in the vibe of of a heady mixture of classic crossover bands such as Cryptic Slaughter and DRI, classic New York hardcore like Cro Mags and Leeway and the thrash of Exodus and Nuclear Assault and bring these influences to their music, but with their own zestful, energetic take on things.

Nightmare Logic has a similar lyrical tone to many a great thrash band from the 80s (the threat of nuclear war featured in so many songs and was obviously the basis for Nuclear Assault’s entire career and with the way things are politically at the moment they may end up to be prophetically true), but above anything else, this album is fun and custom made for the live arena. Songs on this album such as ‘Firing Squad’, ‘Waiting Around To Die’, ‘If Not Us Then Who’ and especially the stage divers dream that is the title track (a song that owes so much in execution and spirit to the Cro Mags immortal ‘We Gotta Know’) will go down a storm when Power Trip play them live.

The whole is a veritable whirlwind of headbanging anthems that will put a smile on the face of any heavy music lover or renew the faith of anyone who has had even a passing interest in thrash or hardcore. With Nightmare Logic, Power Trio have made an album that is influenced by what has gone in the past, but has such a vital vibe and an energy that it feels very much in the present and the formidable thrash of the songs here are impossible to ignore.

Anthrax coined the term Metal Thrashin’ Mad way back in 1984, Power Trip are that term come to life and with this new record, they’ve made one of the best metal albums in recent memory and above all, a truly essential album.

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