Self-Immolation EP by Noi Ya

Release date: April 8, 2017
Label: Self-Released

At just over 20 minutes in length, Noi Ya’s EP release, Self-Immolation EP, is a great psychedelic, electronic trip. The lyrics are witty and poetic. The vocals act more as an additional layer rather than just vocals over top the instrumentation. The driving beats and bass lines really kept the flow steady, adding to the feeling of escapism. The Self-Immolation EP was recorded, mastered and released by Noi Ya.

The EP starts with the track, ‘Love Me In Knots’. It begins with an ambient, spacey sound. The vocals soon start followed by that driving beat and bass line. There were some recorded sounds placed in the mix which added for an interesting addition.

The track, ‘Glitter’ has a bright instrumentation with low undertones. Again, that driving beat and bass line really keeps the flow steady. The instrumentation here reminded me of M83.

I found the next three tracks on the EP, ‘Dreary’, ‘Daffodils’ and ‘Buyers Remorse’ to be tracks set apart from the others. They were more serious in their tone. Tempos were slower and the lyrics spoke to something more personal. In the track ‘Buyers Remorse’, the reverse effect was used throughout. I felt like it added to the melancholia of the track, wanting to take it back but always coming back to the reality of the situation. This track also includes one of my favorite lyrics by Noi Ya, “mind full of soap and no clean thoughts”.

The track, ‘Romanticism’, marks the end of the EP but a return to the driving beat and cool bass line. The 80s style synth sounds used in this track really set a fantasy, dreamy tone. The ambient ending is just right.

If comparing this release with Noi Ya’s last release, there seems to be a slight shift. A shift from a chill instrumental with sparse vocals to a more psychedelic, driving theme, with more vocals. Both releases are great and I look forward to the next one.

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