Trumpeting Ecstasy by Full of Hell

Release date: May 5, 2017
Label: Profound Lore Records

Unsuspecting listeners beware! For once again, Full of Hell have returned with yet another record you best be bracing yourselves for. To put things simply, Full of Hell deliver the nastiest blend of all things dark, violent and punishing. Take some grindcore, death metal, noise music and pretty much any of your neighbours’ least favorite music genres, funnel it down to a concentrate and you basically get the kind of sound to expect from this group.

Following up on the merciless onslaught that was Full of Hell & Merzbow (their last solo record), Trumpeting Ecstasy sees the band continuing on their journey to the stylistic thresholds of extremity. What we get here is a slightly cleaner and precise sound and an overall more nuanced record from the band, albeit only by a slight margin. Production is handled by Kurt Ballou, who does a great job in giving the album a punishing sound all the while retaining a sufficient amount of comprehensiveness.

With one outburst after the next of lightning-speed drumming and hellish shrieks and growls, Trumpeting Ecstasy leaves little breathing space between its pummelling sonic discharges. The band sprinkles in a few grooves and riffs borrowing from black metal and deathgrind namely, effectively breaking away from pure grindcore and adding some diversity to the short tracks.

A good deal of the tracks fire off and end as fast as they started, though the highlights of the record lie with the slower cuts on the album (“slower” being used in its most relative sense here). Tracks like the cacophonous ‘Crawling back to God’ and the albums’ sludgy outro hit you instantly with their grooves, adding depth and definition to the album’s relentless sound. Unfortunately, moments like these are quite sparse.

Dylan Walker’s trademark noise feats unfortunately take a firm step back on this album as well, making only a handful of appearances despite providing for the the haunting title track, undoubtedly the best track on the record with its rusty, bitcrushed soundscapes and schizophrenic mood.

The record features some superb guest spots, namely Aaron Turner (Isis, Old Man Gloom, SUMAC), Nate Newton (Converge) on the album’s closer and most notably Nicole Dollanganger, who lends her sweet, angelic voice to the album’s title track.

With a runtime clocking barely past the 23 minute mark, Trumpeting Ecstasy does not overstay its welcome and provides you with enough material to intelligibly take in for one sitting. Despite its few redundant tracks, Full of Hell’s latest record makes for an enjoyable listen. Given the strength of the longer, ‘slower’ and noisier cuts that set the bands’ previous albums apart from their scene’s counterparts, one could have wished for a bit more dynamic range. Nevertheless, while not the band’s best,Trumpeting Ecstasy is a record that will surely quench the thirst of any heavy music fan in search for some dark, punishing grindcore.

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